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Qlik Sense Utility - Functions and Features

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Digital Support

Qlik Sense Utility - Functions and Features

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Jan 3, 2024 12:35:17 AM

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May 22, 2018 12:22:28 PM

The QlikSenseUtil comes bundled with Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows. It's executable is by default stored in:

%Program Files%\Qlik\Sense\Repository\Util\QlikSenseUtil\QlikSenseUtil.exe

Qlik Sense Util is no longer supported as a backup and restore tool. For the officially supported backup and Restore Process, see Backup and Restore.

It serves as a: 

  • Qlik Sense Port Checker: Pings every active port Qlik sense is using for every node. Note that some ports can be for internal use and might not be exposed to the node you are pinging from.
  • Repository Database Integrity Checker: Mostly applicable for a synchronized persistence deployment. Checks that the data references are not broken.
  • Duplicate server nodes: Mostly applicable for a synchronized persistence deployment. Checks there are no duplicate server nodes in the database.
  • Remove old app binaries: Remove deleted app binaries from the selected folder.
  • Get system configuration: Returns the system configuration from the database.
  • Connection string editor: A tool for editing the connection string.
  • Service Cluster: Functionality for updating the service cluster in the database.
  • Log Fetcher: A tool for fetching logs from the system. If the time span is shorter than 24h all logs will be summarized in one single file. This will make trouble shooting easier if you are looking for events what occurred within a short time frame.
    • Fetching logs with a time span larger than 24h will copy the logs and paste them in their logical structure. The filter functionality selects every row with the specified keyword and creates log files based on rows selected.
      Note : Qlik Support prefers using the Log Collector included in How To Collect Qlik Sense Log Files
  • Service type checker: Mostly applicable for a synchronized persistence deployment. Checking for duplicated service types in the database.
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Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

Hi @Andre_Sostizzo 


Thanks for the article. I have tried to take a backup using Qlik Sense Utility but its the parameters aren't recognized. The backup link which have mentioned here redirects to a different link. Can we still backup the QS site using Qlik Sense Utility?




Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @Sivanesan 

Unfortunately, the util tool is no longer compatible with the backup and restore process. I have corrected the article, as it erroneously still listed this functionality. Thank you for the comment.

All the best,

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