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QlikView Release Management and End of Support

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QlikView Release Management and End of Support

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Oct 13, 2022 5:39:22 AM

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May 12, 2016 8:34:28 AM

This article is provided for informational purposes only.  Qlik’s official policy regarding Release Definitions and Supported Versions are set forth in the Qlik Release Management Policy for On-Premise Software Products.

For the QlikView Patch policy, see QlikView Patch Management Policy.


QlikView Release Definitions

Type Definition Scope and Testing Error Correction Eligibility
Initial Release An Initial Release may include (a) new as well as enhanced features, (b) new fixes, or (c) changes to supported environments.
All Initial Releases are considered equivalent regarding availability of new features.
Full testing Each Initial Release is a “Supported Version” as defined below this table.
Service Release  A Service Release is a cumulative release and may include new fixes as well as fixes from previous Service Releases on the current Initial Release.

Service Releases may also contain changes to supported environments
Targeted risk-based testing based on scope. Until the next Initial Release or Service Release (whichever is first) is made generally available.
Patch A scheduled Patch Release may include (a) new fixes to the most recent Initial Release or (b) changes to supported environments.

A customer specific Patch Release is a customer-specific fix for a business-critical defect.
Bug fix verification Until the next Initial Release or Service Release (whichever is first) is made generally available.


Technical Support for Initial Releases

Qlik will provide technical Support Services for Initial Releases for twenty-four (24) months from the date such Initial Release was made generally available (a “Supported Version”).



Customer Patch Request Requirments

A Customer Patch is a customer specific fix built on the latest available Service Release. Only business-critical, verified defects, where a workaround is not possible or applicable, are eligible for Customer Patches. Qlik is not obligated to provide a Customer Patch. Patches will only be provided by Qlik in its sole discretion. 

Following installment of a Customer Patch, it is a Customer's responsibility to update to the next Service Release.



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