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QlikView tasks fail with cannot open file in log and files on disk are 0 KB in size

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QlikView tasks fail with cannot open file in log and files on disk are 0 KB in size

You are seeing a large number of tasks failing. 

When checking your QlikView Distribution Service logs you can see issues to open files.



20220316T134429.704+0000 Error: Cannot open file: '\\qlikview.domain.local\Qlikview\QlikViewStorage\Reporting\QVD\2021\xyz.qvd' (System error: Failed to open file in write mode for file: \\qlikview.domain.local\Qlikview\QlikViewStorage\Reporting\QVD\2021\xyz.qvd)


When checking for the QVD on its network location you can observe a size at 0 KB





QlikView April 2020 SR3 (12.50)




To troubleshoot this issue please follow these steps: 

  1. Make sure you do not have any security software scanning the QlikView folders or processes 

    See QlikView Folder And Files To Exclude From Anti-Virus Scanning

    To be sure no other software is locking the QlikView files you can also monitor the file access following the steps from this article:  File Access and Process Monitoring - How to find locked files and the processes locking them

    If you find any other 3rd party tool locking QlikView files, please contact your Internal IT team in charge of fixing this. 

  2. Check your file server Disk performance

    To save a data collection of  your storage performance you could use Performance Monitor for this: How to log CPU, Disk, and memory usage with Microsoft Performance Monitor on a windows 2012 Server (...

    You can also review the actual performance live in the Resource Monitor:


    A good indicator to check is the Disk Queue Length. A good-performing disk should show a value as close to 0 as possible.

    In this example here we can see a very high Queue Length, demonstrating a general bad performance of the disk, which ended up preventing Qlikview to open files in a timely manner.

    See QlikView and its backend File Share System.

    If you are facing this problem, please contact your Internal IT team in charge of Storage performance.

    Also, make sure you are following best practices documented in Scaling QlikView Publisher 



  • 3rd party tool locking QlikView files
  • Degraded disk performance


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