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Qliksenserepository password error: the authentication password fails for user "qliksenserepository"

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Qliksenserepository password error: the authentication password fails for user "qliksenserepository"

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Mar 29, 2023 1:21:33 AM

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Dec 5, 2018 8:31:00 AM

The Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows Repository logs password errors.

Example errors:

FATAL:  the authentication password fails for user "qliksenserepository"
DETAIL:  The password does not match for the user«qliksenserepository».

Failure creating schema. 28P01: the authentication password fails for user "qliksenserepository"

Waiting for Message Queue to start. Error 28P01: the authentication password fails for user "qliksenserepository"

Retry attempt: 1/10. Previous result: 28P01: the authentication password fails for user "qliksenserepository"


The password for the PostgreSQL repository was changed incorrectly or a micro-service was installed with the wrong password. 

For detailed instructions on how to change the password correctly and how to update individual micro-services, see: How to change the Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows PostgreSQL password.



Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows, all versions


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Regarding the section that uses -plain-password in the services.conf file - is it possible to re-encrypt that after the change of the password?  It is not common to allow plain passwords in configuration files.





yes its possible to re encrypt the password by taking  -plain-password of in the services.conf 

and then just to rerun the configure-service.ps1 scripts for all the microservices which will save the passwords encoded again. Similar to this article here


best regards


Contributor II
Contributor II

Hello support,

@Sebastian_Linser, can you tell me.....

There is a problem after replacing passwords in the PostgreSQL database


I can't get to the platform, error: "Fails to Access The Site"

All services are launched,

In Qliksenseutil, the password coincides,

Using the CMD, I make backup the base with a new password, successfully, the new password accepts.


Found your article (

I am making password updates, a message comes out for all files:

  Reading the Settings File.

  Saving the Modified Settings.

  Exporting the Copy of the Invocation Parameters.

  <file> configuration Successful.


The problem is not solved...

Regards, Kirill.

Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @KeyReaL 

It looks like this may require a direct investigation. Please log a support ticket and include your Qlik Sense log files (How To Collect Log Files From Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows ) and include detailed steps on what steps you have carried out.

All the best,

Specialist II
Specialist II

The solution shown presumes that the Sense repository database is at localhost and uses port 4432, it should maybe be pointed out that if your deployment has the database somewhere else you should use the path and port applicable for your situation instead of localhost 4432

Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

Also,  be aware if you changed Postgres version to 12.5 that .\Configure-Service.ps1 scripts can have an old Postgres version and you need to change it 

[string]$postgresHome = "$senseInstallPath\Repository\PostgreSQL\9.6",


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