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Request license offline approval - April 2020 and onwards

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Digital Support

Request license offline approval - April 2020 and onwards

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Jan 26, 2023 1:31:37 AM

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Apr 22, 2020 7:53:49 AM


Long term offline capability for the releases April 2020 and onwards requires a change to the license (addition of a further attribute) which can only be added after a special approval from the Customer Success Organization.

See below on how to hand in the request for approval and how to proceed. 

  1. Contact your Account Owner or the Partner if the license is bought through the partner (If you don't know who is the account manager contact Qlik Customer Support via the Qlik Support Portal).
  2. You will need to sign an offline addendum and share the signed addendum with your account manager or partner, there are 2 addendums one for banking and one for non banking customers. You can find the addendum attached in this article.
  3. Provide the License key as well as the current Product version details and add information about the deal and the reason why the connection to Qlik's license back end (LBE) cannot be established.
  4. Proceed according to the received communication.
  5. If the approval is processed and fulfilled, here is how the license activation process for the long term offline is done: Long term offline use for Qlik Sense Signed Licenses
  6. As part of the agreement of granting a customer offline license usage, the customer is required to regularly upload User Assignment log files. See Offline User Assignment logs.


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