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Required Information For Qlik SAP Connector Related Cases

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Digital Support

Required Information For Qlik SAP Connector Related Cases

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Dec 21, 2020 3:52:45 AM

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In order for Qlik Product Support to start a qualified investigation as soon as possible, the relevant information is required to be supplied in every Qlik SAP Connector related case.

The following information will be requested by Qlik Product Support:

  • Which Qlik SAP Connector are you having problem (example BEx Connector) ?
  • Are you connecting from QlikView or Qlik Sense?
  • QlikView / Qlik Sense Product Information
    • For QlikView:
      • From QlikView Server QMC, System > About. Copy and save it to a text file and attach to the case
      • ​Open QlikView Desktop and press CTRL-SHIFT-Q
    • ​​For Qlik Sense:
      • ​From Qlik Sense Server QMC, what is the version written at the bottom right corner of the screen?
      • From Qlik Sense Hub, click on Menu then select About. What is the Qlik Sense version it shows (for example: Qlik Sense x.x.x) ?
  • ​​Which version of SAP Basis is being used (How to check SAP Basis Version)? 
  • SAP Connector License
    • ​For QlikView:
      • Send the file from ​C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\Custom Data\QvSAPConnector\LEF.txt
    • For Qlik Sense:
      • Send the file from C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Custom Data\QvSAPSqlConnector\LEF.txt
      • (In case you can't find LEF.txt, please provide the Qlik SAP Connector license by writing it back to us)
  • Qlik SAP Connector log file
    • ​Add Log=1 in the connection string and run the script example: CUSTOM CONNECT TO Provider=QvSAPReportConnector.dll;ASHOST=MySAPServer;SYSNR=30;CLIENT=800;Log=1;XUserId=FUXaKSJMDLOB;XPassword=YNYLdYRNJbaMXUVMXTWB;";
      • ​For QlikView:
        • Zip the folder C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\Custom Data\
      • ​For Qlik Sense:
        • ​Zip the folder C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Custom Data\
  • Document script log
    • ​For QlikView:
      • ​Open QlikView Desktop
      • Go to Settings menu -> Document Properties 
      • Tick the Generate log file check box.
      • Open the script
      • Reload the script
      • The log file will be located in the same directory as the QlikView document
      • Send the generated log file in the same directory on where the QlikView document is save​d
  • ​Is your issue relating to Qlik SAP DSO or OLAP Connector?
    • If yes, which version of SAP (Business Warehouse) BW is being used?
  • ​For all other Connectors 
    • ​What transports are installed on each SAP Client?
  • Lastly, provide a clear description of the issue.

Submit the answers for each of the questions above including the required logs. Kindly attached it to the case via the portal.

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