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SSL & TLS Support in QlikView: How to configure specific TLS protocols to work with QlikView

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SSL & TLS Support in QlikView: How to configure specific TLS protocols to work with QlikView

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Jan 15, 2024 2:54:58 AM

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Mar 3, 2016 6:03:10 PM

This article is currently under review. 

For information on what TLS protocols are supported in your version of QlikView, see SSL and TLS support in Protection of the Platform on

The information contained in this article and attachments are for guidance only.   Changes to the operating system and its functions should always be carried out be the respective administrator of the system and backups should be made available at all times. 


To enable strong TLS implementation make sure to have all your servers updated to a version of both the operating system and the Qlik software, which explicitly details they support the required version of TLS.

If you have a clustered environment with multiple nodes spread across different machines, please make sure to enable the same subset of protocols on all Sense machines, otherwise the services will not be able to successfully communicate.

Using a third-party toolset

Third-party tools such as IIS Crypto can be used to enable and disable SSL or TLS. Consult your Windows administrator or network security team for what tools are usually used in your organization. 


The correct protocols and ciphers can then be applied using the PowerShell (PS) scripts and making changes to the Windows Registry. Consult Microsoft or your Windows administrator for details. 


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IIS Crypto is an example 3rd party tool that can be used to achieve this. IIS Crypto is not supported by Qlik, but by its respective vendor, NARTAC Software. To obtain IIS Crypto, visit

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