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Upgrading Qlik Sense Repository Database from PostgreSQL 9.6 to 12.5 - New tool available

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Upgrading Qlik Sense Repository Database from PostgreSQL 9.6 to 12.5 - New tool available

This Support article covers functionality available in the new Qlik PostgreSQL Installer (QPI), which allows you to upgrade an existing Qlik Sense Repository Database (QRD) from PostgreSQL 9.6 to PostgreSQL 12.5, or install a brand new QRD based on PostgreSQL 12.5.

PostgreSQL 9.6 has reached End of Life Reference: PostgreSQL Versioning Policy 


>> Qlik PostgreSQL Installer - Download Link <<




Supported Scenarios

  • Upgrading an existing QRD from PostgreSQL 9.6 to 12.5. Upgrading earlier versions of QRD is not supported via this method. Instead, upgrade to a version of Qlik Sense that supports 9.6 to automatically migrate through this minor version - List of supported PostgreSQL and early Qlik Sense versions
  • Installing a new QRD cluster on a new server, for a new environment or to migrate an existing Database to a separate host.
  • Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows February 2022 and above are supported versions for QPI. Upgrade to a supported version for QPI first and then use QPI to upgrade PostgreSQL.



  • This installer will not detect a standalone PostgreSQL database installed by any other means, other than through an official Qlik installer package
  • The installer itself does not provide a rollback feature, this is described below
  • The user who runs the installer has sufficient permissions to execute it and install services
  • The user who runs the installer has sufficient permissions to create folders and files in the backup destination
  • The backup destination has sufficient free disk space to dump the existing database 
  • The backup destination is not a network path or virtual storage folder. It is recommended the backup is stored on the main drive
  • There will be downtime during this operation, please plan accordingly


Installing a new Qlik Sense Repository Database using PostgreSQL 12.5

  1. All services on rim nodes must be stopped
  2. Run the Qlik PostgreSQL Installer 
  3. Click on "Install"
  4. Accept the Qlik Customer Agreement
  5. Set your "Local database settings" and click "Next". You will use these details to connect other nodes to the same cluster
  6. Set your "Database superuser password" and click "Next"
  7. Review your settings and click "Install", then click "Finish"
  8. Restore your existing QRD backup OR
  9. Start installing Qlik Sense Enterprise Client Managed, connecting to an existing cluster 

A new service will now be present in your Services management console: 


If you are migrating your existing databases to a new host, please remember to reconfigure your nodes to connect to the correct host. How to configure Qlik Sense to use a dedicated Pos... - Qlik Community - 1791775

The tool will display information on the actions being performed. Once installation is finished, you can close the installer. 

The PostgreSQL package can be removed via the Control Panel in case you need to uninstall the database at one point. 


Upgrading an existing QRD to PostgreSQL 12.5 - Central Node

It is recommended that you first upgrade Qlik Sense to a version that supports QPI, starting with the February 2022 release. More information on Qlik Sense and PostgreSQL compatibility.

Installations other than in C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense are not supported at the moment.

In this scenario, the new QRD will be using the same port as the old service, and rim nodes do not need any further reconfiguration. 

  1. Stop all services on rim nodes
  2. On your Central Node, stop all services but Qlik Sense Repository Database
  3. Run the Qlik PostgreSQL Installer, an existing Database will be detected
  4. Click on "Upgrade"
  5. Accept the Qlik Customer Agreement
  6. Provide your existing "Database superuser password" and click "Next"
  7. Set your desired backup location and click "Next"
  8. Click "Upgrade", then exit by clicking "Finish"
  9. Start all other services on Central Node
  10. Start all services on all other nodes


Final steps

At this point, it is important to validate that all services and nodes are operating as expected. If it seems like some data is missing from the QMC or elsewhere, you may revert back to the old database instance. To do this, stop the newly installed "postgresql-x64-12" service and set its startup type to Manual. Then start the original "Qlik Sense Repository Database" service, along with all other services. 

Once the upgrade and all validation is complete, the old Qlik Sense Repository Database service should be removed on the server. 

Perform the following steps to delete the Qlik Sense Repository Database Service

c:\cd ProgramData\Package Cache
c:\ProgramData\Package Cache\dir /s PostgreSQL.msi
The folder containing PostgreSQL.msi will be revealed.
Right click on the PostgreSQL.msi file and select uninstall from the menu.


This version is fully compatible with the official PostgreSQL installers from 

If you need to upgrade to a higher release than Qlik provides you can install the same major PostgreSQL release 12.x or up to version 13.


If the installation crashes, server reboots unexpectedly during this process or there is a power outage, the new database may not be in a serviceable state. Installation / upgrade logs are available in your temporary files location, for example: 


A backup of the original database contents is available in your chosen location, or by default in:



The information in this article is provided as-is and to be used at own discretion. Depending on tool(s) used, customization(s), and/or other factors ongoing support on the solution below may not be provided by Qlik Support. The video in this article was recorded in a earlier version of QPI, some screens might differ a little bit.


>> Qlik PostgreSQL Installer - Download Link <<


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Contributor III
Contributor III

hi all, any news about this tool?

Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello, @agenorcanal I will ping you once we have news. Hopefully this week.

Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @agenorcanal 

The tool has now been released. You can download it here: Qlik PostgreSQL Installer - Download Link

Contributor III
Contributor III
Great ! Thanks a lot !
Contributor III
Contributor III

Great Stuff, Thanks @Mario_Petre  as always!

Contributor II
Contributor II

Thanks so much for this tool. I have been anxiously awaiting its completion. However, today I see that is only available for Qlik Sense installations on the C drive, but our instance is installed on the E drive. Is there a plan to make this installation location a variable that can be entered by the end user so all of us non-C: folks can use this tool?

Digital Support
Digital Support


Let me find out for you!

Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @davwade1 

As documented, this isn't currently possible but I have forwarded the request over to the developers working on this tool as an idea/feature request!

All the best,

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Hi, I use the installer but in backup i have a error:

2022-08-29 10:33:48.456 +02:00 [INF] Error when trying to stop Service: QlikSenseRepositoryDatabase in 60 s. Details: Cannot open 'QlikSenseRepositoryDatabase' service on computer '.'..
2022-08-29 10:33:48.456 +02:00 [INF] QlikSenseRepositoryDatabase was stopped
2022-08-29 10:33:48.464 +02:00 [INF] QlikSenseRepositoryDatabase could not be stopped, trying to kill process for QlikSenseRepositoryDatabase
2022-08-29 10:33:48.464 +02:00 [INF] Trying to kill process: 5008
2022-08-29 10:33:48.467 +02:00 [INF] Found process, checking status
2022-08-29 10:33:48.467 +02:00 [INF] Could not kill process for some reason: Access is denied.
2022-08-29 10:33:48.467 +02:00 [ERR] Failure while stopping qlik sense repository database service.
2022-08-29 10:33:48.474 +02:00 [INF] Task:StopQlikSenseRepositoryDatabaseServiceTask completed with exception, Ex: Qlik.PostgreSQL.Installer.Utility.Exceptions.StopQlikSenseRepositoryDatabaseServiceTaskFailedException: Exception of type 'Qlik.PostgreSQL.Installer.Utility.Exceptions.StopQlikSenseRepositoryDatabaseServiceTaskFailedException' was thrown.
at Qlik.PostgreSQL.Installer.Utility.InstallerTask.StopQlikSenseRepositoryDatabaseServiceTask.Execute(InstallerFlowContext context)
at Qlik.PostgreSQL.Installer.Utility.InstallerTasksFlow.InstallerTaskExecutor.Execute(Queue`1 tasks, InstallerFlowContext context),

Any help please

Digital Support
Digital Support


The error indicates a permission issue with the account you use to run the program (or which is attempting to stop the service):

2022-08-29 10:33:48.467 +02:00 [INF] Could not kill process for some reason: Access is denied.

You may want to try logging in with the admin account running the services and/or executing the program with that account directly.

All the best,

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