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The drive towards Active Intelligence continues, helping more people take action in the business moment.  This means moving beyond the dashboard, with action-oriented capabilities that deliver the right insight at the time and place of decision.  One of the most important activities driving active intelligence is collaboration – people working together to share, communicate, and make team decisions, driving the overall collective intelligence of your organization. 

We have now released Collaborative Notes, a new feature in Qlik Sense that creates a collaborative canvas for users, allowing them to add narrative and context to analytics and create discussions to interact with others around data.  This allows more people to work together to leverage not just what the data says, but also the critical human context and perspective around it. 

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Users can take snapshots of analytics and add text commentary to capture human perspectives around analytics.  They can tag and invite others to discussions, conducting both real-time (synchronous) and offline (asynchronous) communication.  Notes can be stored within apps and also added to collections within the hub, serving as a record of discussion and joint decision-making for your organization.  And of course, at any time users can jump directly back into live analytics apps, in-context, for further analysis. 

With Notes, Qlik Sense further supports team decisions with the critical business context needed for the best outcomes.  Stay tuned as we continue to add exciting new Active BI features to our platform, helping our customers maximize the value of their data and people.