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Product Innovation

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Introducing Qlik Alerting - Qlik's newest Value Add Product for Qlik Sense! 

How many times have you noticed that something significant has happened in your data, but it was too late for you to take any action on it?

Have you ever sold more of a particular product in one region? Great! But then you realize you could have tried a similar strategy in other regions to drive even more sales, but it was too late.

Have you ever experienced a reduction in margins due to an unforeseen increase in operational costs? Perhaps you could have made changes to reduce the impact of the cost increase if you knew sooner.

What if the number of high-risk intake patients increased in a hospital at an alarming rate, affecting how you manage resources?  Identifying something like this as soon as possible could save lives.

Have you ever been caught off guard by a business outcome?  When it comes to managing a business, a surprise could be a missed opportunity if it goes unnoticed for too long.


This is where Qlik Alerting comes in.  In January of this year, Qlik acquired RoxAI and its Ping Intelligent Alerting solution, which was re-branded as Qlik Alerting.  With this solution, our customers can deliver intelligent, actionable alerts from Qlik Sense, through both self-service and centrally managed administration. With Qlik Alerting, our customers benefit from an enhanced ability to proactively monitor and manage their business by exception, to make faster decisions and take action.

Qlik Alerting helps our customers go beyond the dashboard, creating the real-time intelligence loop needed to take action when it has the biggest impact.  It provides sophisticated, data-driven alerts that go beyond simple KPI thresholds, featuring advanced statistical calculation and trending capabilities that helps spot outliers, anomalies, comparisons between measures, complex nested alert logic, and the ability to drill into and evaluate individual dimension values.

Users can create self-service alerts through Qlik Sense, and organizations can centrally configure and manage both data and system alerts for widespread distribution.  Alerts can be delivered through customized emails and a secure mobile app.  And because it leverages our unique Associative Engine, Qlik Alerting is context-aware – factoring in specific selection states and providing links that take users directly to the right visualizations, with the right selections applied.

With Qlik Alerting, our customers can become more proactive and manage by exception, with users being notified of potential issues to investigate and take action on. And, they can decrease “dashboard fatigue” by driving users to the right analytics in the right context, promoting user engagement and adoption.

Qlik Alerting runs alongside Qlik Sense, delivering alerts to users based on the data in Qlik Sense. It includes an alerting server, a robust, centralized application for creating and managing alerts, and a Qlik Sense user interface component for self-service alerting.

Join the new Qlik Alerting Product Forum to learn about how organizations are leveraging this product in real-world scenarios.

Check out the longer Feature Demonstration video by our friend Sunil Kenth - formerly of RoxAi.