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Product Innovation

By reading the Product Innovation blog, you will learn about what's new across all of the products in our growing Qlik product portfolio.

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Today we not only released several new SaaS enhancements but also released our client-managed August 2021 products for Qlik Sense and Qlik Compose further extending our end-to-end offering.

Move Fast. It’s one of Qlik’s core values. We entered 2021 with the momentum that continues to accelerate with our continuous weekly release cycle to the cloud. We are moving fast but we do take time to pause to listen to our customers in the Ideation Discussion Board that influences the rapid innovations that our Qlik Sense SaaS customers are realizing weekly in the cloud.

To start, the release of Qlik Sense Enterprise Client-Managed edition (Windows / on-premise) provides some of the same great innovations recently released to Qlik Sense SaaS over the past few months. A unique update, specific to Windows, is the ability to keep load script and data files in ODAG apps.

Other August 2021 release features are already available to our Qlik Sense SaaS customers. Augmented Analytics continues to be a primary focus given its importance in influencing the entire data lifecycle from data preparation to delivery of insights. Augmented Analytics combined with human intuition is the recipe for more people to get the most value from their data, asking questions in a conversational manner leading to faster insights and data-driven business decisions. Enhancements in this area include the Insight Advisor’s ability to demonstrate which fields influence and are drivers of another target field. Other enhancements in this area include improved business logins error handling, DPS exceptions, and error refactor and Insight Advisor Profiling.

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The Qlik Sense client’s underscore.js library has been updated from 1.5 to 1.13. Please note, with this enhancement, that the following properties and methods are removed with version 1.13:

  • unzip method is replaced by _zip.apply(_,list).
  • _.escape function no longer escapes /.
  • _.matches function is replaced by _.matcher.


In the area of visualizations, we also continue to march forward at a steady pace. Combo charts now allow for bars to be added to a secondary axis as well as measures to have their own color setting. Other visualization features include a dark mode theme, images added to a point layer, charts allowed in Nebula.js and the ability to add URL-based images to straight tables.

Our data integration enhancements include simplified data lake creation, improved data warehouse automation, and platform integrations. Changed data propagated to data lake landing zones will now be current and transactionally consistent leading to accurate, real-time insights. We now add Databricks Delta Lakes on Google’s platform to our ever-expanding list of supported data lakes. With support for a significant number of entities, automated data marts can now support more comprehensive analyses. A single user interface to track workflows across lakes and warehouses eases management, while tight integration of ingestion processes from one or many data pipelines to transformation and provisioning processes automate and speed data delivery to consumers. Lastly, ingestion and transformation of semi-structured data within Snowflake bring in new data sources. 

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