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As part of delivering explainable BI, we’re excited to announce some new lineage capabilities in Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS.  Explainable BI is the concept that users can gain more confidence in using data and making decisions based on it if they have a good understanding, or explanation, of the information’s origin. 


We expanded our lineage capabilities to not only visually show data history by table but also the specific field within a table - starting with end-user applications all the way back to the original source. 


This enhancement also means that if you are using the Qlik Lineage Connectors, you will now be able to see field-level lineage for content within Qlik Sense Client-managed, Tableau, PowerBI and various on-premise data repositories. Remember that any Qlik Sense SaaS customer can use the Qlik Lineage Connectors for free with Qlik-related sources.  

Since being able to provide field-level lineage helps users establish more trust in the data, we’ve also added a new chart option that enables any user to select a data lineage summary that shows the origin of all related dimensions and measures. 



Finally, we’re also making a distinction between Impact Analysis and Lineage.  Lineage is more focused on looking upstream (ex. “where did this data in the app come from?”) while Impact Analysis is more about looking downstream (ex. “which apps are using this data field?”).  There are now selections for both “Impact Analysis” or “Lineage” within the app drop-down menu.  Selecting “Impact Analysis” (which initially will only be available to Tenant Admins) produces a new screen that shows which databases, apps, files or links are directly or indirectly impacted if the value of a particular field was changed.  



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