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[WEBINAR] Accenture & Qlik: Accelerating BI Migration to SaaS with Qlik on Dec 13th: REGISTER

If you missed the first Qlik Insider Webinar Series, do not fret - we have you covered!  Log in or register for the Qlik Insider Series to access this session.  Qlik Insider gives you exclusive access to webinars focused on the latest product releases and product announcements.

If you missed the first Qlik Insider Webinar Series, do not fret - we have you covered!  Log in or register for the Qlik Insider Series to access this session.  Qlik Insider gives you exclusive access to webinars focused on the latest product releases and product announcements.  After these quarterly sessions air on Qlik Insider, the content will be shared with the recently launched Qlik Product Spotlight portal.  Qlik Product Spotlight gives you access to view a host of popular product on-demand webinars, Qlik Insider webinar content, and feature specific demo videos.  We encourage you to take advantage of Qlik Product Spotlight, as it will help you stay informed on all of the exciting things possible with the Qlik product suite.

The first Qlik Insider webinar was well received and it sparked a lot of interesting questions.  With that, we would like to further elaborate on some of the hot new topics and discussion items based on the Q&A panel with our team of experts.

Data! Data! Data!

The Qlik Associative Big Data Index (QABDI) is a hot topic right now, as our customers are excited that we can now provide Qlik’s Associative experience to the biggest of data repositories. QABDI offers a wide range of platform support, with more on the roadmap, such as Google Big Query. With that, the product currently supports data in parquet format and a star schema, so leveraging a product such as Qlik Data Catalyst is a great option to use before unleashing the power of the Qlik Associative Big Data Index.

Qlik Data Catalyst is now part of the Qlik portfolio, and is sold as a standalone product.   This product can simplify and accelerate data cataloging, management, preparation, and delivery of business-ready data to Qlik Sense, and other BI tools. Qlik Data Catalyst allows users to “shop” for data, which they can then publish to Qlik Sense directly!  

We encourage you to get involved with the Qlik Data Catalyst and QABDI community forums to get your big data specific questions answered, and explore potential use cases with our team of experts and other Qlik enthusiasts.  

New on the Scene - driving more value from our cognitive engine!

Alert - the bots are coming! Many are thrilled to get started with the Crunch Data product, now known as Qlik Insight Bot.    This new product works with Qlik Sense to bridge the gap between visual discovery and conversational analytics. This product was built on top of our powerful Associative Engine and enables users to ask questions in a conversational manner, giving them the ability to dive directly into Qlik Sense apps, and deliver context-based insights (and with selection state retained). Unlike standalone products in this area, this unique product offers the best of both worlds – allowing users to enter a question conversationally and then transition to visual exploration for deeper understanding and discovery. With the Qlik Insight Bot, you can set alerts based on preset criteria, and will be alerted via email or in the bot interface itself! You will find this new product is intuitive and user-friendly, and with our machine learning capability, it will deliver insights based on Natural Language interaction via voice or text. To give an example, you could ask the Qlik Insight Bot for “sales by margin” and our machine learning cognitive engine working with the Qlik Associative Engine would search all data and apps across Qlik Sense Enterprise and either show an existing chart, or make one on the fly, if the data exists but not as a chart.    You could then continue your exploration and ask a follow-on question like "tell me when sales margins fall below 10%" and it will do the rest of the work for you. Qlik Insight Bot coupled with our cognitive engine opens many new and easy ways to gain insights from your data. Look for more exciting information on this product in the coming months!  

The gift of the Extension Bundle!

Have you been using extensions prior to the November 2018 and February 2019 Releases? With the release of the Visualization bundle in February, and the Dashboard Bundle in November, the recommendation is to use the extensions in the Qlik supported extension bundle, given they are out of the box and now part of the product. Like the Frito Lay’s catch phrase “no one can have just one”, once you start using one of the extensions, it will be tough to resist using other extensions that are included in the bundle.   

If you have deployed any of these extensions prior to them being included as part of our Bundled strategy, it’s a great reason to start using the latest version and newly support extensions. 

Licensing flexibility

We are rolling out new and flexible options around deployment and licensing options including Multi-Cloud and the QlikView Dual-use licensing. Some of this information was shared during the Qlik Insider Webinar, but if you have additional questions on these topics, it’s best to reach out to your local Qlik Rep or Local Partner for more details specific to your needs.    

Keep the dialog going!

We are encouraging our users to be more active and want to hear your feedback and suggestions.  With this, we are investing more of our internal resources to drive product specific discussions in our Qlik Community. We want to hear from you, and we want you to get your questions answered while also inspiring your peers to get involved as well. Explore our community as well as the Qlik ecosystem to discover all the great resources and information available to you. Specifically, our Qlik product forums are a great area where you can post questions and have a dialog with our team of experts - this is your best option to have your voice heard and request product enhancements. Visit the “Ideas” section for Qlik Sense Enterprise, and tell us your thoughts!

We encourage you to upgrade to the newest release to take advantage of the new features added in February 2019 and November 2018 – Visit our download site, be sure to log in with your Qlik credentials to get the version you need!



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