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This month, we released Insight Advisor Analysis Types, a new capability that allows users to request a variety of business analyses, such as a comparison, ranking, trending, clustering, period-over-period, etc. which will be generated in the best possible way by AI. 

Users can choose from a variety of advanced analysis types, and analyses will be auto-generated, including data visualizations, narrative interpretations, and even entire dashboards.


Demonstration / Walkthrough Video

Can't see the video? YouTube blocked by your region or organization? Check out this link to view the video on Qlik's video platform: 

This capability exposes the full range of AI-generated analyses available through Insight Advisor, and instead of relying on the system to determine the best analysis type (as is the case with Natural Language), users can now direct the system to generate a specific type of analysis.  You’ll get guidance on what data is required and suggestions for the best fields to use, and in just a few clicks, you can generate sophisticated analyses that would require complex authoring of visualizations and expression logic if created manually.





Insight Advisor now supports multiple pathways to insight, whether you are a less sophisticated user looking for fast answers through chat and search, a business analyst trying to solve a specific type of business problem, or a content author using AI for assistance.  In all cases, our users can unlock their full data literacy skills and potential.

And remember, this is very different than just auto-generating a visualization.  Insight Advisor delivers the right analytics to solve the business problem at hand.  So with this, you don’t request a bar chart, scatter plot, or combo chart – instead, you choose a ranking, comparison, or breakdown analysis and leave the heavy lifting to Insight Advisor.  Ask for relative importance, get back a combo chart with values and accumulation of contribution; a clustering, get back a scatter plot with K-means applied and narrative interpretations; and a period-over-period analysis, you’ll get an entire smart sheet.  You’ll get the right charts, readouts, and even entire dashboards for further exploration.

A full range of analysis types are available – check out the complete list here.  And for a complete demonstration, join Mike Tarallo’s upcoming DO MORE WITH QLIK session on this capability  - register here