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Today we are excited to introduce Qlik Sense Mobile for SaaS, a new, fully native app for iOS and Android that provides an enhanced user experience, fully interactive online and offline analysis, and integrated push alerting to drive action at the point of decision.   The Qlik Sense mobile app can be downloaded to your device from the Apple App Store on iOS or the Google Play store on Android.  With this new app, users can drive action at the point of decision, moving from passive to active BI.


Mobility has become table stakes for companies looking to gain competitive advantage in the information economy, and many workers rely almost completely on mobile devices to get the answers they need.  With this new app, we are continuing to invest in new ways to expand our analytics beyond the dashboard.


As folks know, Qlik Sense is already mobile, delivering a complete set of mobile capabilities with responsive design and touch interaction in our web client.  Now, SaaS users can leverage a native app for iOS and Android that enhances their user experience even further, and with the Qlik Associative Engine running on-device, supports fully interactive online and offline exploration. The app also features integrated alerting with push notifications, so users can be notified of important changes in their data and respond in real-time.  And of course, it provides best-in-class security and governance for data, applications, and users.


With Qlik Sense, users can truly harness the power of analytics directly at the point of decision, delivering answers to unanticipated questions and driving action in real-time.  So while mobile BI has been around a long time, true mobility for your data is now possible.


Qlik Sense Mobile - Demonstration

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TSPLogo.pngoday’s release also includes a new SharePoint connector which allows QSE SaaS users to browse the Office 365 SharePoint hierarchical structure to access Qlik Sense Supported Data files.

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