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Qlik has a unique advantage in the data space – The Associative DifferenceTM. It is our secret sauce that allows all of your data to be brought together and fully indexed to find all the possible associations in the data, across all your data sources.  We’ve now expanded this capability to handle data sources of immense size.  Introducing the Qlik Associative Big Data Index - it's a full associative experience for the biggest data sources you have. And rather than bringing your data to Qlik, our new product brings Qlik to the data. This is a governed, high-performance associative engine that can be deployed within sources such as Hadoop based data lakes, eliminating the need to transfer and prepare the data elsewhere before it can be analyzed.  It’s a proper incremental index optimized for associative queries from the UI all the way down to the data.  And it’s highly scalable as it can be distributed to work across a cluster, both in a cloud or an on-premise environment.

Think of the Qlik Associative Big Data Index as a governed performance layer that can help define your data strategy.  We believe we're giving you the maximum flexibility by offering multiple deployment options: 

  • A Qlik Associative Big Data Index connector in the Data Load Editor allows users to automatically generate a script to access the index with user defined data filters. 
  • Existing On-Demand App Generation (ODAG) deployments can be enhanced by having the Qlik Associative Big Data Index accelerate the request and delivery of selected data for the detail app.
  • The Qlik Associative Big Data Index can directly query the data lake, bypassing the in-memory Associative Engine to create a live window into the governed performance index -all without needing to move data into memory.

To pique your interest, here’s a short video that provides a brief overview of the Qlik Associative Big Data Index:

As previously announced at Qonnections 2018, Qlik will be offering the first release of the Qlik Associative Big Data Index via a Services-led offering that we call the Early Access Program (EAP).  The EAP includes:

  1. The rights to use the software
  2. Customer Success Early Access Services (which are only delivered by Qlik) to design, implement and support the product within the customers’ environment for six months
  3. The opportunity for customers to help shape the future direction of the Qlik Associative Big Data Index technology as they will be able to directly work with the Qlik Product team.

Interested in being part of the Qlik Associative Big Data Index EAP?  To find out if your environment and immediate needs are a good fit, please contact your local Qlik representative to explore being part of the Qlik Associative Big Data Index Early Access Program!

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