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We are excited to announce the release of Simplified Authoring, a new Qlik Sense SaaS creation interface that surfaces frequently-used components, so you can easily build beautiful and sophisticated charts and visualizations. Particularly helpful for new and less-experienced users, this intuitive all-in-one experience offers a short learning curve, advanced filtering options, and the ability to explore your data as you perform analysis. This extends governed self-service analytics to more users than ever across your organization and further reduces reliance on analysts and IT.   

At Qlik, we continually look for ways to improve the user experience and make it easier for you and your organization to make data-driven decisions and take action. Feedback from customers like you combined with technology from our 2020 Knarr Analytics acquisition drove the features of Simplified Authoring, which include:   

Assets Panel: Classifies field types and, when fields are expanded, shows values; also displays master items (dimensions and measures), which can be selected for your chart or visualization. 

Properties Panel: Includes a Data area; Autochart, which provides more than 30 visualization choices; allows you to include or exclude dimension values by ticking boxes; and Presentation area, where you can choose sorting, coloring, labeling, styling, tooltips, and axis options.  

SmartGrid: Acts as a placeholder for your visualizations, which automatically adjusts the size, so they fit within your sheet. You can easily add charts by clicking on “+” to the right and below the grid.  

Data Table: Explore your data and inspect fields and values from tables loaded within Qlik Sense SaaS. Make selections within the table to pinpoint areas of interest and analysis.  




If you prefer the classic look and feel or require the full set of properties for your use cases, simply click on the toggle in the upper right-hand corner for Advanced Authoring.  

Check out the following Simplified Authoring resources for more information:  



We will continue to build out more capabilities as we obtain additional feedback on Simplified Authoring.