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We are pleased to announce our first scheduled reporting capability in Qlik Sense SaaS, now also inclusive of a distributed reporting capability 

As we continue to enhance our analytic experience in the cloud and deliver on our Active Intelligence vision, we’re excited to announce that we have now released our first scheduled reporting capability in Qlik Sense SaaS.  This new capability allows users to schedule the delivery of a chart or sheet containing their data of interest (filtered), and have it emailed to themselves in a PDF format.

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This new capability provides a number of scheduling options: users can subscribe to a chart of sheet (with current selections applied), and schedule for distribution via email (monthly or weekly, with preferred day configuration and target time).  That email contains a link back to the subscribed content in the app and includes a PDF attachment.  Emails for charts also contain an embedded snapshot of the visualization.  Users can manage subscriptions right in their Hub settings: view details of their subscriptions, go to the subscribed content in the app through view-in app option, send now, disable or delete.

Tenant administrators have the ability to enable or disable subscriptions at the tenant level, as well as view tenant subscriptions, disable or delete.

As part of this new release, users will benefit from an improved sheet export function that includes sheet title and header information, as well as support for Qlik Theme formatting delivering a polished PDF output.

This is the first of several enhancements for reporting in SaaS in 2021. 

Update: Now also available, a new distributed reporting capability where a subscription to a chart or sheet can be shared with other Qlik users who have access to the application.  It is a powerful extension of our schedule export capability, allowing users to distribute "flash style" exports, using the Qlik Sense sheet or Visualization to other Qlik users.  See it in action in our "SaaS in 60" video update.

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