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With the launch of Qlik Sense Business and enhancements to Qlik Sense Enterprise and our other offerings - September 2019 will certainly get you excited!    As the largest independent data and analytics vendor in the market, this release further supports why we are leading the 3rd generation of BI!

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As mentioned in a recent blog post, Qlik Sense Business is Qlik’s latest offering supporting our cloud and SaaS strategy.  This new edition of Qlik Sense is a great way to try Qlik Sense, designed to empower users to quickly and easily get started without complexity.     This new edition brings the power of our 3rd generation analytics platform to groups, teams, and businesses that want to get started operationalizing analytics and making data driven-decisions.  Qlik Sense Business gives users the unmatched analytical power of Qlik’s associative engine for exploration and search and AI-powered insight suggestions.    It also shares the same design and cloud-native architecture as Qlik Sense Enterprise and is hosted on Qlik Cloud Services – which is Qlik’s highly-scalable, trusted and secure SaaS environment.


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 In addition to the launch of Qlik Sense Business, we have made several enhancements to Qlik Sense.  We have added Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities to the Qlik Cognitive Engine, supporting natural language search in Insight Advisor – to further drive visual insights.  This capability allows users to more intuitively interact with Qlik Sense when exploring data sets and generating insights.    For example, as users engage with Insight Advisor, they are now able to enter search criteria using full natural language.  The Qlik Cognitive engine parses the search string to understand the user’s intent and provides the right data and insights based on the search criteria.    This is currently available in the cloud editions of Qlik Sense, and we have plans to expand natural language interaction into more areas of Qlik Sense.


With this release, we have also enhanced our Advanced Authoring capabilities including expression promotion which provides a fast and efficient way to promote a dimension or measure created in an object to a master item, with this capability, application creators now have a better workflow when creating and testing expressions that will be used across the entire application, increasing productivity and driving reuse.   Also, we have extended the support for the table JOINs in data manager – giving a less technical user more tools when preparing for data model analysis.    Developers will so be pleased to know that we have added default landing sheets, to direct users to a specific sheet with pre-defined selections which enhances the guided navigation user experience.  


We have also added new visualization capabilities including a variance waterfall chart and improvements to pie chart styling options, like what is offered with our bar chart.   With these new styling options, it reduces the need for mash-up and extension development and helps those who are moving from QlikView to Qlik Sense.  We have added new geo capabilities with location awareness in mapping – to show your current location, which delivers value in mobile and field use cases. 


You can find more information on the Advanced Authoring and Visualization improvements in our Product Spotlight portal entitled “Enriching the Authoring Experience” and “Qlik Sense Visualizations, What’s new with charts and visualizations”


For mobility, we have improved EMM support for MobileIron and added support for the new iPadOS, and we are excited to announce that we now have integrated connectivity to Snowflake, helping to strengthen Qlik’s strategic alliance with Snowflake ( – a leading enterprise-ready cloud-based Data Warehouse.


For value-added products, we improved Qlik NPrinting with new authoring functionality supporting our customer’s journey allowing Qlik to be the enterprise standard for reporting and analytics – Watch the What’s new in Qlik NPrinting video here - showing the ability to select excluded values, use the new container objects in reports and the ability to embed Qlik Sense sheets into reports. As well as expanded functionality in Qlik Insight Bot with improved management capabilities and performance; some of these features include custom calendar support, usage monitoring, alerting limits and pre-application support.


Finally, we also launched another NEW product: “Qlik Data Catalyst for QVDs” – which is a streamlined offering of Qlik Data Catalyst specially focused specifically on making it easier for existing Qlik customers to understand, catalog and consume QVD files. Now Qlik users can easily find and select the QVDs they need without navigating to complex folder hierarchies or relying on file naming conventions – with this easy to use and easily searchable catalog.


QDC for QVD.png


And the next release of the Qlik Associative Big Data Index will enable our customers to visually explore big data sources using new visualization and chart options.    As we look to the next release in November, be assured that we will continue to deliver innovative new capabilities supporting our leadership position in the industry.


Stay tuned! And don’t forget to watch the next Qlik Insider Webinar featuring the September and November Product Releases!   Register now!