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Here is a brief introduction to the Technical Preview program.


What is the Technical Preview program?

The Technical Preview program provides eligible Qlik Community members with early access to upcoming product releases. Technical previews are opened approximately every 10 weeks for certain Qlik products, with notifications in the Product Insight blog and other areas of Qlik Community.


Do I need to log into Qlik Community to access the Technical Preview program?

Yes, to access the Technical Preview boards, you must be logged into Qlik Community and an eligible community member.



The Technical Preview program is open to Qlik customers, partners, luminaries and employees. Customers or partners who use Community in an anonymous fashion will not be able to access the Technical Preview boards.


Help! I am unable to access the Technical Preview boards.

When an eligible Community member cannot access the technical previews, it is often because the member has used a personal email address instead of a company email address with the Community. The best course of action is to contact Customer Support (https://support.qlik.com/) and they can resolve this for you.


How do I get support or report a bug for a Technical Preview?

Technical Preview software is not for redistribution nor sale. Technical previews are not supported by Qlik and should not be used for production. You can, and should, interact with Qlik and report bugs using the technical preview boards.

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I am trying to join Qlik Replicate Technical preview forum, but I cannot figure out from where I can join?