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Qlik Academic Program

This blog was created for professors and students using Qlik within academia.

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This year is already flying by but I wanted to take a minute and share some analytics trends coming our way in 2021. Students can stay ahead of these trends by learning Qlik through the #Qlik Academic Program 

1. Moving to the cloud- Cloud technology technology is getting swifter, smarter and flexible, this year saw many organizations moving their data warehouses into the cloud or go the hybrid way, i.e. use a combination of cloud and on-premise warehouse.  Good thing the #Qlik Academic Program is 100% on the cloud with our software and training!

2. More democratized data-Data is no longer the sole purview of the IT team nor is analytics limited to the CSuite. In 2021, more efforts will be put into seamlessly integrating data platforms, including easy-to-understand visualization boards within an enterprise. The business of self-service analytics tools, too, will continue to grow.

3. Faster, automated AI, ML & NLP- Data modeling will become more automated which helps decrease time to analytics and natural language programming will help translate nature language faster translation of queries into the language needed to obtain results.

4. Customer personalization- Businesses will begin to provide a customized experience during their buys journey.

5. Customer data platforms (CDP)- Are now in high demand. A CDP is a sophisticated data hub where all things related to data converge — from data sources to customer information.  It helps track customers foot prints which provides a 360 view to a customers journey.

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