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Today’s post is all about Pauline Guillet from Université de Technologie de Compiègne in France. Pauline is the well deserving winner of the second challenge in the Qlik Academic Program Datathon, which focused on tackling air pollution and climate change together. Pauline opted to take part in this challenge in particular, as she saw this as a great opportunity to learn more about air pollution as well as climate change more broadly, and to challenge her skills. Pauline commented that “we hear a lot about it (climate change) on TV and all of the associated problems, but as citizens we don’t know about these issues in depth.”

Pauline is currently in her final year of a Master’s in Computer Science specialising in Data and Business Intelligence, but she didn’t always know what she wanted to study. She tried statistics after her French baccalaureate because she liked figures at high school, and from there she found her passion. So, she has continued that path ever since and is planning to pursue a career in data science.

Pauline_Guillet_1 (002).jpg

Pauline first discovered Qlik whilst working on an internship in February of this year. After a week of introductory training, her manager suggested that she take part in the Datathon as a way to improve her skills and experience in Qlik Sense. From there, Pauline used the many online resources available to upskill in the software, including the self-paced learning and interactive videos available on  Pauline said, “the videos are really clear and not too fast, so can be easily understood. The platform is a great resource.”

Despite her enthusiasm for taking part in the Datathon, Pauline inevitably had hurdles to overcome along the way. Improving her application from the first draft to the final version was a challenging process, but she completed this successfully with the help of guidance from Qlik Luminary Matthieu Burel and by taking inspiration from Qlik demo applications online. Another big challenge she faced was finding the story in her data, something that many analysts will be familiar with. Pauline described it as “searching for the holy grail!” and was very satisfied, and relieved to finally find it.

When asked if she would recommend taking part in future datathons, Pauline remarked that “practice is the best way to learn, so the Datathon is a great way to facilitate this. Even if you don’t win, because I really didn’t expect to win, there are only benefits of taking part because you are learning, and this is the most important thing.” As well as gaining new skills Pauline was also keen to add that the knowledge that she has gained around climate change and air pollution has really impacted the way that she lives her day to day life and the decisions that she makes. “When you have the knowledge, you can act in the best way for the planet.”

Pauline is excited to present alongside the other Datathon winners at QlikWorld Online 2020. Register now to discover the story that she found in her data, to drive positive change for our planet, and don’t forget to vote for your favourite solution and help Qlik award the overall winner of the Datathon!