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Hello Qlik Community! You may be wondering - how do we make our product delight as many people as possible? It is quite simple actually. We take everything we've learned as a software company and push it one step further.

That being said, we are very excited to announce Qlik Sense version 1.1, our first point release for our next generation self-service data visualization software. Qlik Sense 1.1 introduces new visualization objects, usability improvements and of course bug fixes. To learn more about Qlik Sense 1.1, watch this brief video to see its highlights and continue reading on to learn about each feature.

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Qlik Sense 1.1 Highlights

New Pivot Table

A welcomed addition to Qlik Sense is our new Pivot Table object. It offers rapid interchangeability of metrics and dimensions, which create different responsive views of the same data-set. Depending on what you want to focus on, you simply “pivot” dimensions and measures to summarize and group data of interest and hide data that is either too detailed or irrelevant during the analysis. We have also added on-the-fly filtering and search, which simplifies your analysis by allowing you to focus on what’s important so the necessary data is displayed front and center.  When used in combination with other Qlik Sense visualizations, uncovering outliers and spotting areas of interest become even easier. Watch this brief video (7 min)  below to see the Pivot Table in action.

The KPI Object

Our customers are just as innovative as we are. We noticed that the Text and Image object was being used often to present summarized metrics. So we took this capability one step further and we added a new type of visualization called the KPI object. The KPI object is used to quickly track performance of your metrics. It can display a main measure along with an optional secondary measure for complimentary or comparison purposes. There is also conditional styling and defined thresholds, which can easily highlight alerts and comparison differences.  With the addition of graphics, such as trending arrows and other symbols, visual notification is improved - allowing you to quickly visualize and track performance of key metrics and measures. Take a look at this brief video (5 min) to see the KPI object in action.

Map Object Update

In this latest release of Qlik Sense, our goal was to make our mapping easier to use. By teaming up with Mapbox, an innovative provider of comprehensive mapping capabilities, we provide simplified mapping without the need to negotiate usage agreements or pay additional fees. This is available to both the Free Qlik Sense Desktop product and Qlik Sense Server. If you have your own map service or want to use another the option is available for you to configure. Other improvements include null value recognition, adjustable opacity, improved color intelligence, labels for expressions and the ability to take snapshots for storytelling.Watch this brief video update (8 min) to learn more about the changes to the Qlik Sense map object.

Finally, small changes make a big difference. We have added a number of usability enhancements that improve the overall user experience when navigating and creating content in Qlik Sense.  Some of these include, improvements to Data Storytelling, additional shortcut menu options, automatic grouping of date and time fields and much more, please refer to the Qlik Sense 1.1 release notes for more information on these and other improvements.

Thanks for taking the time to learn what’s new in Qlik Sense. Don’t forget to visit the New to Qlik Sense forum on the Qlik Community where you can quickly learn how to get started with Qlik Sense, browse how-to videos and join in the conversation with me and others.

Kindest Regards,

Michael Tarallo

Senior Product Marketing Manager

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