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qlikview manager level interview question and answer for 7+exp

Hi Experts,

I want qlikview question which mostly asked in managerial round.In terms of datamodel,design,architecture.Please give some scenario based interview questions and answer which will helpful in Interview.

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1) What is your role in your project?  Did you have any Team leading experience?

2) What is the size of your team?

3) Explain about Qlikview Architecture?

4) Qlikview Development Methodology?

5) Qlikview Dashboard Life cylye?

6) What are the precautions you take while developing the Dashboard?

7) How you test and validate the Dashboards?

😎 What is the most challenging task in Qlikview you faced till now?

9) How to improve the performance of the Dashboard?

10) Do you have exposure to client interaction?

11) How you manage your schedule when you have a tight deadline?

12) Any documentation experience?

13) Tips and guidelines while creating the Dashboards?

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