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Nprinting Error Message: Index was out of range

Im getting this error when I try to generate a preview of my excel document in nprinting:

"Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less then the size of the collection. Parameter name: index"

My excel document have one major pivot that reads data from a couple of straight tables located on diffrent sheets in the document. I have not added any new data, I just used the original excel as a template and try to load it and the error pops up. There is no problem opening this document with excel. Anyone have any idea how to troubleshoot this problem? Im using nprinting version, /David


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If your A:drive is a mapped drive, then this is not supported.

See the following for NPrinting supported configuration information

Troubleshooting: NPrinting Server Service and Schedules

Keep your NPrinting templates on an accessible local or network drive that is not a mapped drive.

Ensure that you do not have the template open in the desktop when you attempt to edit it.

Try to also create a new template as this one may have become corrupted.

If you still experience issue, please submit a support request to the Qlik Support desk directly so that your technical support issues can be investigated in detail.

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Partner - Contributor III

I faced the same issue recently, and after little research and experimentation, I can state that the problem lays in Excel Slicers. After removing them from template, it works pretty fine. If you still need Slicers in final Excel report, you may write VBA-code which creates them (using Record Macros functionality, for instance), and set Workbook-Open trigger on it. The result would be as follows: user opens the report, macros starts instantly and creates the desired Slicers dynamically.