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Contributor II

Advice Needed: Securely connecting Nprinting to a Sense server

Is there anyone that is connecting Nprinting to a Sense server that is not behind a VPN, if so, how are you doing it?  

Our users don't authenticate via NTLM but Nprinting must.  So it seems we have to choose either exposing an NTLM endpoint to the world or moving the Sense server behind a vpn.

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Hi @WMLouis 

There seems to be two questions embedded in your post (or possibly even three).

1. There are two ways for end users to authenticate to open NPrinting

  • NTLM: the Windows auth blue button presented when accessing the NP web console
  • NPrinting Authentication: email address and password. Perhaps you can leave NP security enabled in the NP web console settings, but do not associate those day to day NP user accounts with their domain account information.

(There is no anonymous login access to the NP webconsole. One of the above must be used to gain access.)

2. NPrinting users cannot be synched with Qlik Sense users. Further the NP service account use to run the NP services must be rootadmin on the Qlik Sense server. NPrinting users are stored in the NP local postgres database. Further, this NP database cannot be synched with the QS postgres db.

3. The NP connection used to connect to Qlik Sense apps must connect to a Qlik Sense virtual proxy that has window auth enabled. If needed, you can create a separate Virtual Proxy that meets these requirements and use that VProxy address and prefix with your NP connections as your QS proxy address.

Not sure if this answers your question and if it doesn't perhaps you could elaborate in greater detail with regards to your specific requirement.

Kind regards...


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Using MSExcel 2007 with NPrinting 16 against Qlikview 12. Upgrading is doubtful.

I'd be applying changes to the spreadsheet template. Then, to test, I request a preview with a preset limited report filter.

Then Excel ces, NPrinting loses its connection, and crashes the template editor, throwing away the changes.

I have resorted to saving and closing every single change, combined with off-site source control, just to limit the damage these crashes cause.

It's stifling my production speed.

Did you encounter this? If so, did you fix it? How?



You are working with an unsupported version of NPrinting.

We recommend upgrading despite your statement that upgrading is doubtful.

Given that you are faced with important issues in your production environment while using an unsupported tool, the most suitable path for you is an upgrade.

For your is the migration playbook.

Regarding your issue, I suggest that you check that the connection path to the QVW, the report template file and or output destination is valid and you do not have unsupported items in the QVW.

Also your question is unrelated to the originally posted forum discussion. Please start a new discussion thread if needed for specific issue.

Kind regards...

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