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Data not getting filtered as per the level in Excel Report

Hi All, I am creating a NPrinting report in Excel format, where in I have a level say Product. I want to filter data based on this level. I am able to have different sheets filtered on that level but the data in those sheets is not getting filtered. For example: Category 1 has values as- P1 - 10 P2 - 20 P3 - 40 Then for this category the Total sheet should show the value as 70 and in each sheet the values should come as above. But, in all the sheets the value is coming as 70, even if the tab values are showing as P1, P2 and P3. Please assist. Thanks Sampada
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If you want to have a different worksheet for each distinct value of PRoduct you need to insert the field Product in the Pages node. All QlikView or Qlik Sense objects you will place in the worksheets that is active at the moment you insert Products field in Pages node will be filtered by the value of the PRoduct. Read

If you add the Product field in the Levels node you will have a single worksheet with the list of distinct product values. All objects between the level tags are filtered. Read

If you need more help, please share at least your template with us so we can check your details.

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Best Regards,
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