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Dynamic headers in PowerPoint Qlik NPrinting template

Hi All,

I'm trying to rank region dimension on sales, for doing so the headers in the Qlik Sense are populated using firstsortedvalue() and rank(). Is it possible to change the header in the back-end excel table i.e. as per the screenshot below, I want to create dynamic header instead of series 1,series 2 etc. in PowerPoint template Qlik Nprinting.




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Hello Sampada,

Which version of Qlik NPrinting are you using? Depending on your response, this may alter my answer.

However, with the latest version, please see the below information on Excel Reports:

With regards to the headers it states the following:

Set Show Headers to Show above tag cell for the columns of the table.

HideQlik NPrinting will not add headers. You can type them, or obtain dynamic headers using QlikView variables and Excel formulas.

Show in tag cell: column headers will be inserted in the tag cells and data will start in the row below. Formulas and variables in original QlikView headers will not be replaced.

Show above tag cell: column headers will be inserted in the row above tag cells. Data will start on the row with the tags. Use this option when column headers in the original QlikView documents use variables or formulas and you want them to be reported in the table.

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Thank you,