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NPrinting 17 Rabbitmq-node down issue

Hi experts..

     Am using NPrinting its work fine. unfortunately my machine were off for some power problem (or) my internet were cut for server problem. So after that(above one of problem) i cannot start the RabbitMq services(It will start but after 1 or 2 seconds it will stopped automatically) without shows any error.Then i check the rabbit on Command prompt by the reference of this link.

The cmd shows like below:


      So i refer the link which is given the NPTroubleshot page: RabbitMQ - Clustering Guide‌ But i cannot resolve this issue

i manually start the node by cmd.prmt ,set nodename on manually but nothing were work. so finally i delete the rabbit@XXX-XX-mnesia file on Rabbit db.Then it will start but it does not connect to NPscheduler so Scheduler services cannot start i tried many thing but nothing was resolve this issue Finally i completely reinstall the NPrinting even rabbit and every other setup Then only it will Work

       Now Again same  issue  was accrued. Am stucked in this issue upto 4months still i cannot Resolve..

I want Resolve this issue on Without any Re-installation Because if i do it i pushed to again create connetion and making all the reports ...etc it ll going to double work nd more time waste

Anyone Please suggesting me for solving this issue??..

Any other facing this issue ?..

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It is possible that this answer is no longer useful, however I want to leave here as I solved it since this question was the first result in my first google search.

In my case I arrived at this error since the space in my server was exhausted, when freeing space and restarting NPrinting services did not start the services. Luckily I found this link where they comment how to solve it:How to Resolve NPrinting Messenger Service Not Running and Not Starting - Public Knowledge Base - Co...

These are the automatic steps:


Check each point one at a time below individually and check if the Scheduler service is started after performing each individual step below:

1. rabbitmqctl.bat list_permissions command displays Error: Unable to connect to node rabbit@xxx: nodedown

copy the .erlang.cookie file in C:\Windows to C:\Users\<user that installed Nprinting> folder. (replace any cookie file found here)

copy the .erlang.cookie file in (Nprinting June 2018  New location )C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\systemprofile\ to C:\Users\<user that installed Nprinting> folder. (replace any cookie file found here)

Why: the cookie files in these locations holds a hash. these hash must match. if by chance these files gets overwritten, they may not have same hash.

ORSee attached image to confirm the user who installed Nprinting