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Nprinting HTML Reports with Totals and Subtotals

Hi all,

I am creating an HTML nPrinting report. (Reports needs to be HTML because it needs to get embedded into an email).

My report needs to be a table with additional rows for subtotals. I know this is possible in Pixel Perfect using levels and subleveles. I cannot find a similar approach to complete the same think in HTML report. I am able to make a total row for the entire table but not the sub totals I need. 

Please let me know how to complete.

Thanks in advance. 

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My approach would be to create grouping dimensions with subtotals also being a dimensions in qlik data model and use straight table to plot it. You would normally use the same approach to create grouping dimensions in P&L reporting...

Can you share draft of your required output. Important is to understand how many dimensions you will have in your output table (in html)



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