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Defect acknowledgement with Nprinting Engine May 2022 SR2, please READ HERE
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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Qlik Nprinting failed to render object

Hi All,

I'm getting an error in nPrinting. below is the error :

WARN: error during report generation: Object jcybvh of Sense app a18087c3-33dc-48ee-8e20-fe929584915f failed to render. ERROR: Navigator navigator=qliksense;proxyurl=http://X.X.X.X/;appid=a18087c3-33dc-48ee-8e20-fe929584915f;identity=XX\ABC is stuck and can't be used anymore to resolve requests .

Please guide me how to resolve.

nPrinting and Qlik Sense version:  JUNE 2018

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Contributor II
Contributor II

I got the same problem and I solved it modifying my 'http' proxy address on the conexion by 'https'. Try to use https instead http. 

Good luck!