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Native mapchart settings

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Native mapchart settings

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Apr 2, 2021 1:31:30 AM

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Connecting map chart with an on premise Qlik GeoAnalytics Server

From Qlik Sense April 2018, the built-in Map chart can be used with GeoAnalytics Server in an on-premise solution. For this GeoAnalytics Data Package 18.04 or newer is needed.

First, install the data package according the guide including the optional step named "Enable support for Qlik Sense Map" or similar.

Then go to your Qlik Sense installation and point the Sense map to the server by editing the file mapconf.json in C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Client\assets (or similar) and set the URL to the server in the serverUrl property and the key you have chosen during data package installation for Sense map users in serverKey.


Note that every time Qlik Sense is upgraded this file will be overwritten, so it will need to be edited again.

Custom default map background

For all new map charts per site. Edit Qlik\Sense\Client\assets\mapconf.json

Set alternative basemap:
        "defaultMap":"pale_mercator" (list of of possible values below)
Set any TMS:
Set attribution:
        "defaultAttribution":"copyright me"


Full name
default Default Mercator
default_adaptive Default Adaptive
pale_mercator Pale Mercator
pale_adaptive Pale Adaptive
satellite_mercator Satellite Mercator
empty None Undefined degrees
emptymeters None Undefined meters
emptydegreemercator None Mercator
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