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Contributor II
Contributor II

April 2019 SR3 Export to Excel with Disabled Expressions not working


We upgraded to the April 2019 SR3 software over the weekend and we are experiencing an issue now where users cannot export certain tables to Excel.

After investigation we discovered that the tables that wouldn't export are ones that have either Invalid Dimensions or Disabled Expressions in them. But according to the April 2019 SR3 Release Notes a bug with regards to this was fixed. Or was the bug only with regards to Hidden columns and not Disabled Expressions?

We are fine with removing any invalid Dimensions that we find to be causing the issue but some of our developers like to keep Disabled Expressions in their tables for testing purposes when issues crop up so won't be happy about removing those. Can anyone shed any light on the bug that was supposedly fixed with the April 2019 SR3 software release? The Jira issue IDs for the similar issues were: QV-16036, QV-16199 and QV-16572.


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According to my local Qlik partner as of a conversation we had about two months ago, in QV12.4 SR3 any measure appearing after a disabled measure will fail to export to Excel. There may be a patch for this that hasn't been made available to the general public as there have been no new SR releases - you should contact your Qlik partner and have them ask Qlik about this, as it might be your quickest fix. Alternatively, move your disabled expressions to the end of the table, which should supposedly fix the issue - I haven't tested this myself so can't confirm.


Creator III
Creator III

Thanks - I am also having this issue after a upgrade. I've been recreating the entire chart - tested deleting the disabled expressions and the issue was resolved. Thanks!


I checked the defects you posted, they are all closed and all showed as fixed in earlier 12.40 releases, so things should be good, but it looks like the poster before me figured out that if you had the issue previously, you may need to recreate the chart in the new version to get things working, doubtful that got into Release notes or anything, but since it worked for them, can you give that a try as well to see if that does the trick for you too, as if so, we can definitely get an Article created to warn folks they may need to do that if they run into the issue.  I am not sure what about the object would be causing the issue though, the only other thing we could do is have you open a support case and attach the app in question, so we could have a look at things directly to see if we can spot anything.  


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