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Contributor III
Contributor III

Cisco ASA portal authentication parameters for Qlikview NTLM authentication

Hi there,

One of my client is implementing Cicso ASA portal and they are trying to provide straight access for user to Qlikview AccessPoint for the Qlikview server running with NTLM authentication by relaying network authentication entered on ASA portal. 

IT team has managed to get SharePoint working with having bookmark with parameters on ASA portal so when user opens the bookmark (link) from the portal the parameter relays the portal authentication to SharePoint and user has straight access without any login prompt.  If no parameters are defined then user will get prompt to enter network login details.  When we tried same for Qlikview with parameters, nothing happens and without parameters defined, we even didn't get any login prompt.  Defining parameter for Qlikview bookmark was just a trial as we don't have any particular information on what that parameter should be.

We tested this iPad and Windows pc with local user logged in.  Generally, we open SharePoint and Qlikview by connecting iPad to local wireless network or via normal VPN or login with local user on Windows pc, we get login prompt to enter network authentication details (user id and password) for both Sharepoint and Qlikview.  But if we connect to network with Cisco ASA portal where we've already entered network login details, it is passing that to SharePoint and open the site without any prompt but nothing happens on Qlikview. 

Any help from any one.

Thanks in advance.  


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This might be caused by what is called double Hop. One work around is to install QV web services on the server that has SharePoint on it and make your calls to that webserver and not to the one installed on the QV server.


Bill - Principal Technical Support Engineer at Qlik
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Contributor III
Contributor III

Currently QV Web servevices are running of same QV server and we are trying to connect to it directly.  I gave Sharepoint straight access using Cisco portal as an example and to compare the outcome.  Having second QV Web server will add addtional complication of connecting to QV server via sharepoint server and I don't think that will over come double hopping issues if there is one.

Not related to this discussion but we have tried installing QV sharepoint webpart for QV server and we thought that we have had double hopping issue.  The potetial resolution for that particular one was as you have suggested to install QV Web server on sharepoint server or set up security kerberos between two server.

Sorry but it didn't make sense for this particular instant.

Thanks, Shelvin