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Is this object minimized????

Hi there,

Does anybody knows if is possible to find out when an object is minimized (or maximized). I´m looking for something like GetObjectStatus() (off course this function does not exist...). I´m not looking for a macro function, just something you can ask for it when for example you want to show some text in case the Chart CH01 is minimized,



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Champion III
Champion III

I think this:


Not applicable

I think this will work for macros, unfortunately I´m looking for a condition like this

IF( IsMinimized(CH01), 1, 0)



Doesn't exist as far as I know. The usual approach is to attach a macro to OnActivate and OnDeactivate, and in that macro test IsMinimized and set an associated status variable.


Champion III
Champion III

Ah, my apologies. I somehow misread "I'm not looking for a macro function" as "I AM looking for a macro function".

Unfortunately, I don't know of any way to do it outside of a macro. If you could kick off a macro any time you minimized or maximized the chart, and then set a variable in the macro. You could reference the variable. Unfortunately, there isn't any trigger when a chart is minimized or restored. There's an OnActivate and OnDeactivate, but those aren't really good enough. You could carefully overlay an invisible button over the minimize icon, and trigger the macro AND the minimize from the button. You could just have visible buttons do the work.

Anyway, I've never seen what I consider to be a satisfactory solution. There might be one. I just don't know of one. Sorry.