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Hi ,

     Can anyone me in explaining the main differences between QVS,QVW,QVD


Thanks in advance

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Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

QVS: QlikView Server - a program that manages licenses and published QlikView documents

QVS (2): default file extension for script files - you don't need to store your entire ETL script inside a QVW, you can store these purely text based scripts in external files for version control, re-use etc. The QVS extension is not obligatory - call them what you want.

QVD: a QlikView Data file - contains a single table with rows and columns. QlikView proprietary, meaning that you can create and read them in QlikView but (almost) nowhere else. Allows for extremely fast loads of gigantic amounts of data.

QVW: A single file BI environment - Contains everything that a user will need to perform analysis: ETL code, data, UI objects, security settings and the likes. You'll need QlikView software to handle / change these QVW files. This is what you will be developing / managing

In short: a QVW BI document can use QVS script files to read table data from QVD data files.


Champion III
Champion III


QVS :  Stands for QlikView Server

QVD : Stands for Qlikview Data (One of the optimize layer of data which has been fetched from the database, qvd is a patent technology of qliktech and qlikview applications reads data 100 time faster as compared to any other sources because data get stores in optimized format. Only Qlikvew application can read the data from QVD. Its always better to fetch the data from from database first and then load the data into your application)

QVW: Stands for Qlikview Worksheet (The application file which holds your reports/dashboard/script/data model and connection strings)