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Scheduled Task not triggering

Hi All,

One of the scheduled tasks suddenly stopped to run in our qmc at the scheduled time and now we had to manually execute it on daily basis.

All the other tasks and services are up and running.

What can be the probable reason for this ?

There is no log as the task does not run as scheduled, we need to click on the jobs in qmc manually to start the jobs. After we click the logs do get created.

Once we recreated the entire task again, then the trigger started happening as per schedule

Expert suggestions required. What could be the exact reason for not getting triggered?

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Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

Enlighten us by telling what type of trigger becomes frozen. Add details about your situation (for example, what version of QVS/QDS are you running?)


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The trigger was just put on a scheduled time. Version being used is 11.20.12235.0.

Server Ram is of 256 GB