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QlikView Expressor Extensions SDK

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QlikView Expressor Extensions SDK

QlikView Expressor 3.9.1 introduced the extensions software development kit (SDK) with which an experienced Expressor Datascript developer can develop custom input, output and transform operators.

The SDK is included in all versions of the Expressor product - Desktop, Standard, and Enterprise - but to use this feature, you must open a workspace and enable this functionality by selecting the Extension SDK User Interface... menu entry from the popup listing that appears under the ? icon in Desktop's upper right-hand corner.


Attached to this document are three files that comprise a tutorial on how to use the extensions SDK.

  1. expressor_SDK.pdf is the tutorial manual.  You should work through the exercises in this tutorial in the presented order as each exercise builds on the previous work.
  2. extension_tutorial_export.zip is an Expressor Desktop export file that contains completed exercises.  You may find it useful to review the coding in these examples as you are working on the tutorial itself.
  3. data.zip is a file containing sample data files that you can use in testing your implementations.

This tutorial assumes you are comfortable using Expressor Desktop and understand development of Expressor dataflows, schemas, connections, and datascript modules.

Working on this tutorial is more than just an educational experience.  You should find the developed examples to be useful additions to your Expressor installation as the exercises describe operators that provide functionality currently not included in Expressor.

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