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QlikView Expressor MongoDB Datascript Module

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QlikView Expressor MongoDB Datascript Module

QlikView Expressor 3.10 (Expressor) introduces the MongoDB Datascript Module. This module allows you to read from and write to a MongoDB instance. Generally you will include this coding in the read custom and/or write custom operators, but there is no reason that you could not also access a MongoDB instance from within transform or aggregate operators.

Expressor is an ideal complement to the MongoDB as it provides functionality, such as joins, not included within MongoDB. And an Expressor Dataflow is an ideal way to move data into or out of a MongoDB collection as dataflows can easily process the nested data structures found in MongoDB documents.

As you will see the examples discussed in the attached PDF document, arguments to the functions in this module are string indexed Expressor Datascript tables, strings, or numbers and each document returned from MongoDB is represented as a datascript table.  Consequently, as an Expressor developer you already have the skills needed to write code using this datascript module.

Also attached is an Expressor project export file that includes the code described in the PDF document.  Import this file into Expressor Desktop to review the implementations.

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