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Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows Release notes - February 2021 IR to Patch 17

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Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows Release notes - February 2021 IR to Patch 17

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Sep 29, 2022 4:23:41 AM

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Sep 15, 2021 9:19:14 AM

Table of Contents


The following release notes cover the versions of Qlik Sense released in February 2021. Solved issues and limitations for Qlik Sense Enterprise on Cloud Services are also listed.

What's new in Qlik Sense February 2021

Please refer to the What’s new sections of the online help for information about the new and updated features of the Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows February 2021 release:
What's new in Qlik Sense February 2021
What's new in Qlik Sense February 2021 (Developers)

February 2021 Patch 5
A cross-site scripting (XSS)
A cross-site scripting (XSS) issue, caused by improper validation of user-supplied input, has been identified in Qlik Sense Enterprise and Qlik Connector for use with SAP NetWeaver. This could lead to arbitrary JavaScript being executed in the context of a user if they visit a malicious page or link controlled by the attacker. Please read here for further details

February 2021 Patch 4
Delete functionality for Qlik Sense Enterprise Client Managed distributions to Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS deployments removed
There will no longer be a synchronization attempt towards Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS if a distribution policy has been changed from evaluate to false, or an app has been deleted on Qlik Sense Enterprise Client Managed.


For the upgrade notes, refer to the “Upgrade notes” section in this document.

Resolved Issues

Qlik Sense February 2021 comes with fixes for the issues described below.

February 2021 Patch 17

Key Title Description
QB-8873 Forms Authentication with FQDN creates new user When a user authenticated to Qlik Sense with Forms Authentication and FQDN as user directory, it was recognized as a different user, compared to when using a simple domain name. This has been fixed by using user impersonation, which prevents the creation of a new user.
QB-6867 Resolved timing issue that could lead to user enumeration When using Windows NTLM as the authentication provider, the error response time for a invalid username was measurably different to that of a valid username. This could be used to allow somebody with access to the system to determine whether a given username was valid. The response times are now the same.


February 2021 Patch 16

Key Release Notes Title Release Notes Description
QB-7954 Forward user information when showing apps in the hub chat When a user selects "Show Apps" in the hub chat, their credentials are forwarded to QRS to perform access control.
QB-7722 Unreliable auto-save behavior after reload Qlik Sense will automatically save edits on session close and at a regular interval.
Auto-save could be unreliable when a user session against an app had changed between open modes "with data" versus "without data".
This happened if an end user would open an app without data and then reload the app from the Data load editor, but it could also happen as a result of scheduled reloads with impersonation. The problem could affect all users of the app, but in a multi-node system, problems would only occur on the node where the reload took place.
QB-7988 SSPI added for when WebFileUseWinAPI is turned off SSPI is added in WebFileUseWinAPI=0 mode, making it possible to use current Windows credentials with web file connectors in that mode.
QDCB-1094 qdc-catalog-service connect to correct proxy port when proxy port is set qdc-catalog-service will connect to correct proxy port when proxy port set to a different instead of the default port 443.


February 2021 Patch 15

Key Release Notes Title Release Notes Description
QB-6992 Loss of application changes after app had been opened without data and reloaded in Data load editor Loss of application edits was possible when a user session against an app had changed between open modes "with data" versus "without data".
This happened if an end user would open an app without data and then reload the app from the Data load editor.
QB-6400 Selections are not displayed in the selection bar Under a certain racing condition the selection state layout did not represent the latest selection properties. The correct selection was however always applied. 
QB-7167 Filterpane in mashup showed no scroll bar Using filterpanes in mashups with a large number of fields incorrectly showed the … button instead of scrolling.


February 2021 Patch 14

Key Release Notes Title Release Notes Description
QB-7474 Performance improvement to ConvertToLocalTime function Significant performance and stability improvements to the ConvertToLocalTime function. 
QB-7336 Fix for the default tls version for nl-app-search The default version of TLS used in previous releases was 1.1 which could be changed using a parameter. This fix sets the default version of TLS in nl-app-search to 1.2
QB-6962 Remove deleted master items from qvf file Master items (dimension and measure) were deleted from an app and the app was published and replaced. When the published app (QVF file) was copied from the persistent folder and imported, the QVF file still contained the master items that were supposed to be deleted.
SHEND-663 Updated NodeJS version This patch for Qlik Sense updates the version of NodeJS to address several security vulnerabilities announced by the NodeJS project.


February 2021 Patch 13

Key Release Notes Title Release Notes Description
QB-6955 Using alternative measure in Master Item Visualization displays wrong master item measure's description in details popup Details section was getting the description from the definition instead of the applied measures. 
QB-6901 Fast selections in a child in a container cannot be made The container object is not in selections but its child object is. This did not allow to make all the multiple selections that are performed if they are made fast enough.
QB-6619 Loss of application changes was possible when auto save operations took time Engine auto-saves all user edits continuously, but also when a session is closed.
Sometimes, there can be delays in the auto-save operation because of overall load either on the Qlik software or on database and file systems.
A software error made it possible for an intermittent delay in the auto-save operation on session close to affect a newly opened session for the same user on the same app in such a way that the newly opened session would never be auto-saved. This situation could occur on a web browser refresh or any kind of network issue that led to rapid closure and re-establishment of the websocket connection from Qlik Sense client to Engine.
QB-6329 Bar chart color Fix coloring when the mini chart scroll position starts at the end.


February 2021 Patch 12

Key Release Notes Title Release Notes Description
QB-6518 Stepped version of libxml2 to 2.9.12 Stepped version of libxml2 to ver 2.9.12 (contains important security fixes).
QB-6290 Update logged ProxySessionID if the proxy attaches with a new ID The engine session always logged with the initial ProxySessionID, provided by the proxy when the session was created. This ID could become irrelevant or confusing if successive proxy sessions attached to and detached from long-lived engine sessions, e.g. through TTL. The engine now updates the associated ProxySessionID if a new one is provided upon session attach. The update is recorded in the engine log.
QB-3354 Consecutive selections are causing the straight table to display only 1 row with scroll bar During the update cycle the viewportRowCount setting of the scrollApi was updated using the visible row count instead of the current selection totalRow count - now fixed


February 2021 Patch 11

Key Release Notes Title Release Notes Description
SHEND-567 Improvements to Search feature in the Hub

With a large number of applications in the Hub, the performance of the Search feature could be significantly impaired. This functionality has now been improved but for this release it is by default disabled. It can be enabled by adding a corresponding capability flag in C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\CapabilityService\capabilities.json file, in example:




New search algorithm relies on the results from /hublist/myspace request evaluated upon accessing the Hub space. It guarantees significant improvement in performance, provided the aforementioned API request has completed before the first search is made. It is also important to note that no more than 50 apps are displayed in the search results, event if there are more hits returned from the query.

QB-6839 Removing redundant property from KPI There was a property on the KPI we were not using anymore. This caused the KPI to crash if you were using measure expression formatting on the second measure
QB-6333 Flex box issue in Safari A workaround to avoid a third party issue.
QB-6048 Set analysis with money format Set analysis on money formatted numbers should not require the comparison string to be money formatted.
QB-6047 Webfile in WinApi mode stream-lined for https access Https certificates are accepted similarly to non-WinAPI mode, additionally with settings ini WebFileAllowInsecureCert added to cover rare cases.
QB-5860 Operation was cancelled error when using Qlik data analytics connection (SSE) Do not raise GRPC status code CANCELLED as a separate error condition if the ongoing request is already cancelled.
QB-5706 Unexpected number formatting of KPIs in Qlik Sense Changed the rounding method for these types of decimals to make sure that 0.xx5 is always rounded up.
QB-5705 Disabling animation for custom formatting Since the animation adds little value and this is a corner case, we simply disable the animation for this case
QB-5681 Axis selections on a container object do not stick When making axis selections on a container object with false show conditions, the selections do not stick since the layout of the object is reloaded.
QB-5558 Fix app are not showing correctly on iPhone Fix objects height are not showing correctly on iPhone
QB-5544 Increase nl-app-search http request timeout For apps with larger data models, dataprep classification calls can take a long time to complete. Increase the timeout of nl-app-search http requests to 2 minutes to avoid errors when longer calls succeed.
QB-4904 Changing the header font size does not get export to PDF Header size was not exported to PDF/Image because CSS was overwritten in printing.
QB-3468 Measure Expression for tooltips Fixed a bug where tooltip for la-vie charts would show incorrect values when Measure Expression was used


February 2021 Patch 10

Key Release Notes Title Release Notes Description
QB-5966 Extensions not installed when folder ExtensionBundles is missing If folder ExtensionBundles is missig in the Log folder the extensions were not installed.


February 2021 Patch 9

Key Release Notes Title Release Notes Description
SHEND-500 New KeepAlive option to repository DB notification handler. Due to network instabilities repository service could sometimes loose the connection on the database notification handler. Repository service was unaware that the connection has been lost and therefore did not make any attempts to renew it. In order to avoid this from happening a KeepAlive option has been added to force a connection check at the given intervals. This is controlled via newly introduced key in C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Repository\Repository.exe file and by default set to 60 seconds:

<add key="DatabaseChannelReceiverKeepAlive" value="60" />
QB-5673 Fix broken build not generating all web content Fix broken build not generating all web content
QB-5419 Fix for Insight Advisor property change issue for alpha-numeric filter value which ending with number. On Insight Property change in IA, filter value with alpha-numeric value ending with number was being converted to its numeric equivalent and hence producing incorrect selection.
QB-5349 Fixed issue with map tooltip. Fixed issue with the map wrongly formatting the tooltip value with decimals.
QB-5347 Shortening of softpatch sets corrected Algorithm for shortening softpatch sets has been corrected, affecting e.g. moving columns in certain tables.


February 2021 Patch 8

Key Release Notes Title Release Notes Description
SHEND-495 Minor updates in connection session settings for Advanced LDAP UDC. Logic behind the two following Advanced LDAP flags has been slightly improved:
nocertverify - skips server certificate validation
certdebug - debug level on certificate chain validation errors, if any, for troubleshooting
QDCB-1010 Sense use correct cookie to connect QDC Sense setup QDC connection save the encrypted credential to database.
Sense now used decrypted credential to create cookie and connect QDC instead of using encrypted credential.
QB-5663 Fix persistent storage path in precedents-service Use custom storage path if one was provided by the user in the installer.
QB-5483 Objects overlap in download of stories Object in storytelling have padding applied. The same padding is now applied when downloading the stories
QB-3713 Selections on objects inside a container do not hold The selections made in an object inside a container were reset


February 2021 Patch 7

Key Release Notes Title Release Notes Description
QB-5362 Unauthorized / access denied shown on webfile connector Defaulted Engine to use Windows API's to perform HTTP calls.
Before the fix Engine was defaulted to use Curl and OpenSSL which caused the issue to occur (caused by fixing QB-3122).
Defaulting setting to: WebFileUseWinAPI=1
Important note: In case QB-3122 is the issue you are facing, add WebFileUseWinAPI=1 into settings.ini file for Engine.
QB-5120 Avoid intermediate results causing invalid json from expression Intermediate results are not returned for some evaluated expression, which previously caused some charts to fail to be displayed.
QB-4579 Reload tasks get stuck in QMC randomly Further improvements to prevent reload tasks from getting stuck. Added mechanism for timeout end retry for repository accesses. New timeout logic does not affect retrieval of all tasks on a startup of the scheduler service. Disabled by default, to enable modify "C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Scheduler\Scheduler.exe.config" file with "<add key="DisableRepositoryAccessTimeoutMechanism " value="false"/>".
QB-3179 Fixed by upgrading Oracle driver Upgrade Oracle to fixed the issue
QB-3074 Open app slow when having lot of bookmarks Generic performance improvement around loading of available bookmarks during open app.


February 2021 Patch 6

Key Release Notes Title Release Notes Description
SHEND-509 Improve handling of conflicts when updating time-stamps on UDC related entities. Value of ModfiedDate in the UserDirectorySettings table from QSR database is now set to DateTime.Maxvalue in order to avoid any potential conflicts.
QB-5320 Charts missing from Visualization bundle The Bar & Area chart and Bullet chart are missing from the Visualization bundle. They are still available on sheets, but cannot be created from the assets panel.
QB-5204 Fix for Insight Advisor Chat data collection opt out issue Fixed an issue where Insight Advisor Chat may send usage metrics to Qlik servers in cases where this has been deactivated
QB-4960 Not being able to export data from dynamic views The ability to export data from dynamic views has been restored.
QB-3989 Address layout issues with longer errors in expression editor Improved layout for expression edit to allow scrollbars for longer error messages.
QB-3742 Fix the bug where tooltip was showing unnecessary information Fix the bug where tooltip was showing unnecessary information.
This was happening due to the tooltip not being re-rendered when moving away from the incision between areas
QB-3226 Custom numerical abbreivation not working for the funnel chart Should now apply custom numerical abbreviation for the funnel chart


February 2021 Patch 5

Key Release Notes Title Release Notes Description
QB-4729 Date Picker : "Start Date" and "End date" not correct. Fail formatting of dates leads to this bug.
Notes: Correct formatting has been restored.
QB-4658 Date Picker : Using expression Today()- <number> results in a number not a valid date Incorrect formatting leads to this number generated instead of date.
Note: Formatting has been corrected now.
QB-4369 Community app objects are not included when distributing an app from QSEfW to QCS Fixed the behavior where community objects were not available on the app after distribution from Qlik Sense Enterprise Client Managed to Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS, for example published sheets are now available in Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS.
QB-4205 Address issue where data model viewer layout not being remembered Fix the issue where user re-arranged data model viewer tables location/layout are not being remembered by the client.
QB-4017 Fix a memory leak in some charts Fix a memory leak in some charts
QB-3760 Session Timed Out error messages weren't fully translated The error handler emitter was triggering the `OnSessionTimeOut` event twice, preventing the correctly translated popup error to show for the user - now fixed
QB-3742 Fix the bug where tooltip was showing unnecessary information Fix the bug where tooltip was showing unnecessary information.
This was happening due to the tooltip not being re-rendered when moving away from the incision between areas
QB-2727 Fix for P&L table going blank in fullscreen mode Fix for P&L table going blank in fullscreen mode
EN-3074 Open app slow when having lot of bookmarks Generic performance improvement around loading of available bookmarks during open app.
EN-3060 openSSL Upgraded openSSL to 1.1.1k.


February 2021 Patch 4

Key Release Notes Title Release Notes Description
QB-4407 Date Range Picker : Range selection not working. A function has been called on a null object so the Javascript error, the null check has been put in place to avoid this now.
QB-3959 Date Picker : Select date range filter isn't working. The Range selection was not working.
Note : After the fix, the Range Selection works as expected.
QB-3924 Qlik Sense: High memory consumption when loading a pivot table When the customer expanded a pivot table (ExpandLeft), it took a long time and RAM usage increased with 25 Gb before the table was expanded. The RAM went back to normal level after the pivot table was expanded.
QB-3409 Date Picker: Not showing correct date for Range Today. Because of different time zones, the date comparisons failed when checking for Range.
Note: With the solution, the Range today works as expected.
QB-3364 Added connection property for AuthSource Added connection property for AuthSource
QB-2594 Button for Navigation shows as 404 Not Found in published mashup With this fix, button for navigation is available when publishing a mashup which contains the object.
QB-2511 Date Picker : Dropdown is not shown properly if the date picker is placed at bottom. Fixed to open the dropdown up or down based on the location of the date picker on the window.
QB-2356 Variable Input: Set Expression with special characters ('<','>') The special characters are encoded for fixing XSS issues, but in this scenario the symbols represent mathematical operations, so the issue occurred.
Note : The fix now decodes the text and then value is assigned to the variable.


February 2021 Patch 3

Key Release Notes Title Release Notes Description
QB-4321 Engine sessions not always closed when user exits application Fix to sense client to no longer send an openDoc request to the data prep service prior to the user entering data manager. This resulted in the failure of a web socket connection to be created causing engine sessions not being immediately closed. This would result in user selections not being reset when the application is reopened.
QB-3432 Fix for empty DateFormat Fixes minor issue when load script contains empty DateFormat
QB-3122 Use libcurl with OpenSSL for webfiles in windows Changed libcurl to use OpenSSL instead of native windows implementation.
Libcurl can be toggled off with WebFileUseWinAPI=1 which will allow windows native SSL implementation to be used (windows cert store).
QB-3077 App byte_size metadata for fields could become negative for large fields Fields with many unique values could appear to have a negative byte_size in the app metadata due to a step in the metadata calculation using 32-bit precision. The number of unique values required varied with the data, but is in the range 270M to 540M. The entire calculation is now done in 64-bit precision.
QB-3034 Allow open of existing session app if user has read access A user can open an existing session app if user has read rights. This affects e.g. analyzers accessing Dynamic Views.
QB-2936 Performance fix for some Calculated Dimensions Performance fix for some Calculated Dimensions when fetching state.
QB-2638 ReloadTime() function now gets adjusted by the current timezone configuration. The issue has been fixed. Result of ReloadTime() is getting adjusted by current timezone configuration on Windows.
QB-2589 Write search indexes to temporary local storage During certain network conditions writing the search index files to the central application storage might fail. With this fix, and the engine setting "CacheSearchIndexBeforeCopy=1" the indexes will be written to local storage and then copied to it's correct destination once the write is finished.


February 2021 Patch 2

Key Release Notes Title Release Notes Description
QB-3907 Optimized memory management during user synchronizations The Repository service now consumes less memory during user synchronization. Previously such synchronizations could cause a large temporary increase in the size of the repository process in large installations of Qlik Sense.
QB-3329 Added support for DTD header in XML file Support for DTD header with internal document definition
Support for DTD header with document definition in URL


February 2021 Patch 1

Key Release Notes Title Release Notes Description
QDCB-862 Fixed oversize request header by add a filter for the connectionGUIDs A connectionGUIDs filter is added to resolve the oversize request header that send to QDC
QB-3379 mashup objects error message text is not rendered from client.json sometimes in IE11 Translator needs to be loaded to make sure we can translate the text. For mashups this is not always the case. When error is thrown we will now wait until the translator is started before we show the message on the screen
QB-3361 Lots of Windows event logs with message: ERROR: null value in column "payload" violates not-null constraint" This fix avoids indirect logging by a third-party library (SuperSocket), these logs were intercepted by the Sense logging framework, which tried to record a null value in a database not-null column, generating system event logs like:

This "2020-12-07 21:23:42 UTC ERROR: null value in column "payload" violates not-null constraint
2020-12-07 21:23:42 UTC DETAIL: Failing row contains (61682991, 2020-12-07 21:14:59.132874+00, DEBUG, 3, QlikSensePrintingWebSocketProxy, AMZCLTVQS02, printing, 26308, null).

While the Sense functionality is not affected, the system logs are flooded with new entries.
The third-party library logs have been suppressed.
QB-3237 Container object: Enable link/unlink context menu option Enable the option to link and unlink objects, that are in a container object, from the context menu of that visualization
QB-2993 Filterpane objects inside container not displayed correctly Having multiple filterpane objects inside a container might cause that some of those objects are not visible or partially visible in the container object.
QB-2725 Missing loading animation image in container object When an object inside a container takes some time to load the visualization, it was missing the loading animation image for that object.
QB-2662 MS Teams/Slack Integration with Insight Advisor Chat hosted on Azure Server not working When Qlik Sense Server is installed on Azure Servers, Integration with Microsoft Teams or Slack is not working because of local certificates being used. Also, communication is happening over dedicated port 4954 which is no more needed now as communication will happen through Qlik Sense Proxy.


February 2021 

Key Release Notes Title Release Notes Description
QB-1658 Missing ODAG menu in mobile The menu for ODAG options was missing in mobile mode. Has now been re-added.
QB-1907 Prohibit creating duplicated sheets when exporting to excel When exporting auto-charts to excel, there was an issue with creating duplicated sheets under special circumstances, the issue is resolved so the correct number of sheets get generated.
QB-1981 Map color legends not visible on small screen devices Fixes an issue where map layer color legends were not visible initially when the app was opened on small screen devices like phones.
QB-2062 File dialog could only list 120000 files This limit (which was actually browser specific) has been lifted. Should be able to list all the files now.
QB-2081 Hide non-supported number formatting options The non-supported number formatting options are not exposed anymore, until we can support them.
QB-2083 Internal inconcistency is thrown when stopping Engine service Fixed malformed log message that was causing Engine to crash when stopping Engine service.
Crash only happens on Win Server 2012 R2.
On other Windows versions: Monitoring Apps may parse the Engine service log file incorrectly due to missing fields.
QB-2170 Coloring by measure a chart inside a container is ignored or turns it gray. Coloring by measure a chart inside a container is ignored or turns it gray.
QB-2187 Support for syncing Multi Domain User Directory Connector (UDC) in Qlik Sense From Jun 2020 release, Qlik Sense supported Advanced LDAP UDC. However, when syncing multi domain users from Advanced LDAP, if the true domain name is not the same as UDC name, then a new user was being created upon user log in.
With this fix, Qlik Sense supports syncing of true directory/domain name for Advanced LDAP users. This is achieved by syncing true domain name under the existing "User directory" column and UDC name under a new column called "User directory connector name" column. This new column is available for selection in "Column selector" option of "Users" table in QMC.
When using Advanced LDAP in Jun 2020 or Sep 2020 Qlik Sense, after upgrade to Nov 2020 release, you would be required to delete and re-sync users from Advanced LDAP UDC to be able to sync true domain name of users.
QB-2219 Fix problem with sheet sort order recover from the state when two sheet has the same sheet order
QB-2286 App URL derived field selections Fixes so selections can be made in a derived field through the app URL, e.g. http://localhost/sense/app/my-app.qvf/sheet/sheet-id/state/analysis/select/Date.Calendar.Year/2019
QB-2298 Don't add the extra lib statement Make sure if lib name is empty or doesn't exist, do not add any lib statement
QB-2322 0dp numbers being output to Excel as 14dp Fixed a special case where REAL numbers with 0 decimals resulted in excel export with 14 decimal number.
QB-2326 SAML redirect removes "/" from the redirect URL When authenticating via virtual proxy configured to use SAML authentication method, proxy service would remove one of the "/" from the redirect URL.
QB-2366 Error handling Add error handling for the error 'Start and End are outside data range'
QB-2394 Some FoTF in SetExp not always evaluated correct Some FoTF in SetExp not always evaluated correct
QB-2400 Measure axis Handle 'NaN' value in explicit min and max values.
QB-2403 Show condition blocks interaction with other objects A false show condition in a chart inside a container might block the interaction with other objects inside the container.
QB-2404 Prevent access denied when unpublishing sheets Prevent access denied when unpublishing sheets due to setting properties after unpublishing.
QB-2419 Remove app update privilege requirement for showing custom properties in the Hub Remove app "update" privilege requirement for showing custom app properties in the Enterprise Hub. Now, you only need "read" custom properties privilege to view custom properties in the Hub.
QB-2427 KPI crashed with certain themes Specific custom themes using empty arrays as color palettes will crash the kpi.
QB-2431 Geo data contained invalid values and we got error while parsing it Geo data contained invalid values and we got error while parsing it
QB-2442 Fixed javascript error when changing horizontal scrolling property Fixed javascript error when changing horizontal scrolling property
QB-2445 Fixed data reading timeout issue Fixed data reading timeout issue - new option "Read/Write Timeout" was introduced on a connection dialog.
QB-2476 Making sure theme is applied to KPI and other nebula charts When KPI objects were used in a mashup and default colors were set the colors would not display correctly, due to theme being applied incorrectly. Now making sure it is applied properly.
QB-2495 Handle long query request Handle canceling and retrying long query request.
QB-2529 Works as desinged This issue is caused by a performance improvement made which lowers a threshold used for making an engine call to get pairwise association scores.

In order to get the previous behavior, you need to enable DPS_DISABLE_ASSOC_SCORING_THRESHOLD flag in Qlik/Sense/CapabilityService/capabilities.json, and restart "Qlik Sense Service Dispatcher" service.
QB-2532 External process can interrupt QVD reading with data loss as result The Qlik Associative Engine reads QVD files with the lowest level of locking possible.
This is because the fundamental principle of QVD layers is that concurrency should be handled with scheduling.
We did however discover that an OS level file copy operation could overwrite a QVD file as it was being read and cause the LOAD ... FROM ... (qvd) statement to finish quietly without reading all data.
QVD files should only be altered by scheduled Qlik load scripts, but a customer that regularly uses external tools to overwrite QVD files can add a new setting to their settings.ini files:


This setting will lead to failed reloads when a QVD is held for more than a few seconds by external processes, but it does ensure that data is never truncated.
QB-2577 Zero values distribution plot When dataset of distribution plot would be empty because of selections made we did not render distribution plot again. This fix makes sure we show the message "The selections generated no data for this chart" when this happens
QB-2614 Open App could cause Engine to crash Precondition: App with Section Access and Single selection

When opening an app at the same time as another user, an exception is triggered for the app. This would cause Windows to kill Engine process.
QB-2625 Date Picker: Not displaying correctly. This degrade is a result of introducing scrollbar.
Note : The scrollbar has been removed and Date picker displays together again.
QB-2660 Virtual proxy with Underscore in name cause image URL issues Fix problems with images in text and image object when the virtual proxy path contains underscore
QB-2678 GetTableAndKeys meta data not adapted to section access reduction Adapt GetTableAndKeys meta data to possible Section Access restrictions
QB-2683 Include credentials when fetching file for Sense Client In some scenarios it was seen in the network logs that a file (product-info.json) could not be fetched due to missing credentials, this should now be fixed.
QB-2732 Date Picker : Predefined Ranges not returning expected result Additional dates from another month were getting selected.
Note : After the fix, only the dates expected by the selected Predefined Range are selected, no additional dates get selected.
QB-2780 GetSelectedCount and GetFieldSelections dependencies to alternate states The functions didn't correctly setup subscriptions to the explicitly given ('state' argument) alternate state and object expression with these functions did not update as selections changed in the alternate state. This has been resolved.
QB-2782 Publish and replace not working as expected Publish replace don't work towards the QRS if there is object owner in the data stream not present in the QRS database. Object owners are not intended for use with QRS and is now removed in the import step, also for import replace.
QB-2834 Label was cut in some special cases in the bar chart In some special cases the X-axis label was cut for the bar chart even though space was available
QB-2902 JSON protocol parser error on saving master item from an autogenerated visualisation When saving a master item from an autogenerated visualisation the generated JSON structure could sometimes not be parsed by engine. This fix will make sure that the JSON will have a proper structure for engine and master item can be created as expected
QB-2938 NPrinting: Variance Waterfall chart sometimes blank in pptx Waiting for variance waterfall to be completely rendered before signal is returned to NPrinting that rendering of charts is done
QB-2999 Handle double field quoting ["name"] in library dimension resolution The self-reference check didn't handle double quotation ["name"], with both brackets and double quotation mark, causing the resolution to go into a loop of the dimension expression referred the dimension itself. Such self-referencing dimensions can occur when e.g. a field is renamed/removed, breaking the field resolution and causing the self-reference to become effective. Now they correctly resolve as invalid.
QB-3044 Creating Data Alerts with view permissions Fix to resolve the issue for users with view permissions to create Data Alerts
QB-3069 Unable to create SessionApps with SessionApp custom rules Fixing a problem where Engine never sent SessionApp meta data to Repository for rule evaluation.

Known issues and limitations

The following issues and limitations were identified at release time. The list is not comprehensive; it does however list all known major issues and limitations.

• If you have an object inside the container with a show condition that evaluates to false you are not able to edit properties of this object. Workaround:
 - Option One: Make sure your show condition evaluates to true. Either by triggering an action/selection so that your show condition evaluates to true, or temporary remove the show condition. Now you can edit properties of the object inside the container.
 - Option Two: If you use master items inside the container you could edit the properties of the master item and it would propagate to the master item inside the container.
 - Option Three: Comment the expression that defines the condition, by entering two slashes in front of the equals sign, e.g. //=Count(Customer) <= 2
• Third-party extensions are currently not supported on mobile devices, and the Qlik Trusted Extension Developer program does not accredit extensions for use on mobile devices. Depending on individual device specifications, mobile OS, and size of the Qlik Sense app, items generated using a third-party extension might fail to be visualized properly on a mobile device.
• When consuming Qlik Sense apps using Microsoft Edge browser, touch screen mode is activated by default even when it is run on a non-touch device. Workaround: turn 'touch screen mode' off from the navigation menu.
• When consuming Qlik Sense apps using Microsoft Edge browser on touch/hybrid devices, the long-press action does not work. This limitation prevents from accessing functions such as an object’s context menu, which on touch mode requires a long-press. This is a Microsoft Edge’s issue. Workaround: if using an hybrid device, turn the touch mode off and turn it back on again.
• Export as Anonymous does not work for mashups deployed in a domain that is different from the domain in which Qlik Sense is installed. Export only works for Anonymous if the mashup is deployed in the same domain as Qlik Sense.
• When using the new “Load Extension” syntax in the load script, the Data load editor syntax completion does not work well after the keyword “Extension” when trying to write the call to an SSE function (AAI function). Nevertheless, the script executes correctly.
• Legend does not show dimension values that are after row number 3000.
• Internet Explorer supports a maximum of six web socket connections. Workaround: See 
• If dimension limits (others) is set in a straight table or Pivot table, the subtotals and totals are incorrectly calculated.
• Exporting a story to PowerPoint limitations:
 - Titles are not rescaled as HTML, font settings are not yet exported.
 - Storytelling effects are not applied.
 - Exported charts may show fixed scroll bars, depending on the export resolution.
• Opening the first application after login takes longer time in in Chrome version 78 or older.
• It is not possible to open the context menu of an orc chart on a touch device.
• Layouts saved in bookmarks will not be applied for a chart using chart suggestions
• When you choose to view data in the context menu in a Dynamic Chart and make a new selection in the app, you need to refresh the browser for the chart to be displayed again.
• OnDemand reporting extension is not supported in QCS or QSEoK
• When exporting a table that includes an invalid money format expression you may get an error message when opening the exported data in Excel.
• Can not see Dev-Hub with IE11 on QS Sep 2020.

• During reload using a QVD file, when the current QVD being read is replaced with a new one within the filesystem, the load script stops reading the records mid-way and completes successfully with however many subset of records it was able to read before the replace operation.
• Chatbot for windows: Issues with getting apps available to chatbot when multiple apps reloaded at the same time.
• Last reload in App overview does not shown in IE11 Workaround: Use Google Chrome

Dynamic views
• Dynamic views that are deleted from one app are also deleted from every other app that was using the same view. There is no work-around for this issue other than to avoid deleting views that may already be in use by one or more other apps as a result of having made copies of these apps.
• When creating a new dynamic view in the assets panel, if there is one or more existing dynamic views, the dropdown menu item does not automatically change to show the the charts of the newly created dynamic view. The user must click on the dropdown menu to choose the newly created view.
• The data for a dynamic view is automatically refreshed (i.e. re-queried from source) whenever a user enters a sheet containing any charts for that view. The same occurs when entering and then returning from the global selections panel as well as when adding a new chart for the same view. To prevent triggering this automatic refresh behavior, users should refrain from performing these actions on the base app.
• The view of a dynamic chart is cleared and overlaid with a message indicating a view constraint violation condition whenever the user changes the selection state of the base app such that the view's constraints are violated. Users should refrain from altering the selection state of the base app at least until they are finished making use of the data in any one of the dynamic view charts.
• The right-click "Go to source" option on a Snapshot slide for a dynamic chart does not select the actual dynamic chart when changing the view to the base app sheet.
• Chart settings changes made to dynamic view charts using the Exploration menu are lost following refresh operation of the view.

Managing a Qlik Sense site
• The QMC Custom Property Edit page can currently handle a limited number of custom properties. If you want to edit custom property values in the QMC, we recommend keeping the amount of custom property values to a maximum of 500. If you want to just apply values without modifying them, the QMC can handle up to 10.000 custom property values.
• The Qlik Logging Service handles communication outages with PostgreSQL by retrying three times to establish the connection and displays an error if unsuccessful. Communication outages with PostgreSQL can occur for a number of reasons and are not always recoverable in the limited time window of three tries.
• With the current architecture it is not possible, using security rule on HubSection_* resource, to hide "Open hub" link from the "Navigation" menu when accessing app as an anonymous user. Workaround: Use reverse proxy configured to redirect "Open hub" link to a preferable landing site
• It is not possible to remove app objects from disk when removing apps in QMC • Unable to distribute Qlik Sense certificates without administrator privilege. When using an account without administrator privileges to run the Qlik Sense services, it is not possible to distribute Qlik Sense certificates when registering new rim node. As a workaround, before adding new node to the cluster, grant service account with administrative privileges and once done, revert that change.
• Task Chain Icon not visible in QMC Workarounds:
1. Once the event trigger is created, sort or filter on any of columns available in the Tasks section.
2. Permanently disable caching in QMC by setting false to the following flag from C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\CapabilityService\capabilities.json file and restarting Qlik Sense Service Dispatcher and the browser.

• With Qlik Sense February 2019 or later, a new component is delivered together with Qlik Sense called the License Service. This service is managing the product activation when a Signed License Key is used.
The Signed License Key is mandatory to use for the following scenarios;
 - Multi-Geo/Cloud/Deployments using Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows Qlik Sense Enterprise on Kubernetes or Qlik Sense Enterprise on Cloud Services as deployment methods with the intention to make use of a Unified Key ( 1 user * 1 User license across all deployments).
 - Qlik Sense Enterprise on Kubernetes installations
 - Qlik Big Data Index installations
 - Qlik Core installations
 - Qlik NPrinting ( February 2019 or later) installations.
 - All Qlik Sense Enterprise installations including Analyzer Capacity as a user license
With this release, we have introduced a delay for the time to the first connection to the Qlik Licensing Service. With the use of a Signed License Definition, the deployment can be running for up to 60 days until the first connection to Qlik.
This will give enough time for a Customer to prepare connectivity to using port 443 open for outbound calls only. Read more in the knowledgebase article,
• In Qlik Sense November 2018 it is not possible to install Qlik Sense Extension bundles through a silent installation. Qlik Sense Extension bundles can only be installed via the regular install procedure, or separately, once Qlik Sense November 2018 is installed. To install Qlik Sense Extension bundles separately, see “Installing and removing Qlik Sense Extension bundles from a Qlik Sense installation” in this document. Workaround: If you are installing Qlik Sense November 2018 by performing a silent installation, install Qlik Sense Extension bundles separately at a later moment.
• Service Dispatcher offline config entry lost when upgrading Sense April 2020 to June 2020

Qlik Sense Desktop
• Sorting by expression in a Pivot table may not work as expected.
• When uninstalling Qlik Sense Desktop, make sure all files are removed from %LocalAppData%\Programs\Qlik if you intend to install another version. If the files are not removed, Qlik Sense Desktop may crash when trying to apply the license.
• Qlik Sense Desktop can play WebM and Ogg, but not MP4 files due to limitations in Chromium.

• REST connector: The Next token pagination option does not work when the pagination token has the same value for each page. • For connectors in the ODBC Connectors Package, only the data types listed as supported in the online help have been verified to work correctly in the Preview and Script editor. However, ODBC Connector Package does not prevent the loading of other data types, so in some cases unsupported data types can be loaded with the load script.
• ODBC connector: If the user name on the Microsoft Windows system running Qlik Sense Desktop contains letters that are not English alphanumeric characters, database connectors in the ODBC Connector Package do not work properly. Workaround: Change the Windows system locale to the match the character set that contains the characters used in the user name. For example, if the System locale on the system running Qlik Sense Desktop is set to English and a user name contains Swedish characters, the System locale setting must be changed to Swedish for the ODBC connector to work properly.
• The Qlik Salesforce Connector does not support PK chunking on sharing objects. PK chunking is supported only on parent objects.
• Apache Phoenix connector does not support non-latin characters in metadata. Connector may return a corrupted data or unpredictable query results if running a query with non-latin characters in metadata: table names, column names, aliases, etc.

Cloud deployments and Multi-Cloud
• In a Qlik Sense Enterprise on Kubernetes installation, if while loading a file using the Amazon S3 connector you attempt to abort the load, the abort will appear successful but the connector may continue the load using pod resources.
• When downloading a pivot table in cloud environments (Qlik Sense Enterprise on Cloud Services and Qlik Sense Enterprise on Kubernetes), expanded rows are not included but stay collapsed.

EMM solutions for Qlik Sense Enterprise
• If you use BlackBerry Access to consume Qlik Sense Enterprise apps, the Access browser does not display <Title> information. This means that when opening a Qlik Sense app through BlackBerry Access, the app retains the title of the initial Tab instead of showing the App Name.
Workaround: refresh the browser so to display the correct App title.
• If using BlackBerry Access instead on Qlik Sense Mobile app, the access browser does not provide any indication in case of loss of connection with Qlik Sense Enterprise. If trying to interact with a Sense App after the connection is lost, the app becomes unavailable. Workaround: refresh the browser so to trigger a new log-in request.
• If using BlackBerry Access, when a Qlik Sense Enterprise log-in session expires, the Access browser provides an error message stating that the content is no longer available. In such a case using the refresh button does not trigger a refresh, but it only closes the error message. Workaround: close the tab and access again Qlik Sense Enterprise from the link in the BlackBerry Dynamic environment.
• When using the AirWatch browser to access Qlik Sense Enterprise, the refresh causes the content to be displayed in portrait mode even when the device is in landscape mode. Workaround: rotate the device so that the correct orientation is detected.
• When using the AirWatch browser to access Qlik Sense Enterprise, the header of the browser shows the Server name, occupying more space than needed especially in Landscape mode.

• When using MobileIron Tunnel on an Android 9.0 device QSM will not be able to detect it gets disconnected.

Upgrade notes

Qlik Sense September 2020
Announcement: Qlik Sense security update may impact extensions using jQuery
The issue:
The jQuery team announced ( a vulnerability in jQuery versions 3.4.1 and lower where a regex used by the jQuery.htmlPrefilter method that demonstrated the expression "could introduce a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability."
Impact to Qlik customers:
The issue is resolved in jQuery 3.5.0, however, updating to the new version of jQuery may require developers to refactor extensions used in Qlik Sense applications to support the change.
When will the fix be implemented:
 - Qlik Sense SaaS received the jQuery update on June 25th, 2020.
 - Qlik Sense Client-Managed receives the jQuery update with the September 2020 release.
Action required:
 - Extension consumers If you are an extension consumer, no action is required by you. However, you may experience extensions used in your Qlik Sense applications cease working after the jQuery update is applied.
 - Extension authors Extension authors are encouraged to test their extensions using jQuery 3.5.1 to understand and mitigate any impact to customers.
Contacting Qlik:
If you have questions regarding this change and how to perform an impact assessment, please connect with the community on the Qlik Sense Integration, Extension, & APIs forum.

Qlik Connector 7.0.4 for use with SAP NetWeaver
If you use Qlik Sense September 2020 and Qlik Connectors for use with SAP NetWeaver you need to upgrade the connector package to version 7.0.4. Previous versions of the connector package are not supported by Qlik Sense September 2020.

Qlik Sense June 2020
Security filter result caching available for Extension resource
Results of rule engine's evaluation of security rules using Extension as resource filter are now cached. This cache exists in Qlik Sense Repository Service's memory. Using this cache avoids using the rule engine and will result in performance benefits when repeatedly accessing above resource. This improvement can be disabled by modifying following key in the Repository.exe.config file, by default located in: "C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Repository", followed by a restart of the Qlik Sense Repository Service:
<add key="UseSecurityCacheForExtensions" value="true" />

New Advanced LDAP UDC and support for LDAP Channel Binding and LDAP Signing in Active Directory and Generic LDAP UDCs
Existing Active Directory and Generic LDAP UDCs have been extended with Authentication Type option. This setting is optional and defaults to Anonymous or FastBind based on the credentials specified. Following values can be given as comma separated combinations depending on the security scenario. These values will be XOR-ed for authentication:
New Advanced LDAP UDC available. This UDC adds more settings and options when connecting to LDAP. It supports secure LDAP connection in non-standard LDAPS ports, allows connecting to LDAP with Channel Binding and LDAP Signing enabled and provides options for LDAP Session settings, and more.
For more information please refer to corresponding Qlik Sense documentation.

Security filter result caching available for ReloadTask resource
Results of rule engine's evaluation of security rules using ReloadTask as resource filter are now cached. This cache exists in Qlik Sense Repository Service's memory. Using this cache avoids using the rule engine and will result in performance benefits when repeatedly accessing above resource. This improvement can be disabled by modifying following key in the Repository.exe.config file, by default located in: "C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Repository", followed by a restart of the Qlik Sense Repository Service:
<add key="UseSecurityCacheForReloadTasks" value="true" />

Optimization of security rules evaluation
Objects that are read from the database are cached during the evaluation of the entities for specific calls. If there is more than a certain number of related entities read from the database, instead of caching some, all are read and cached. This limit is called ReadAllThreshold. This improvement will speed up all the initial requests where there is no corresponding cache in place. This improvement can be configured or disabled by modifying following keys in the Repository.exe.config file, by default located in: "C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Repository", followed by a restart of the Qlik Sense Repository Service:
<add key="RulesEngineObjectCaching.Enabled" value="true" />
<add key="RulesEngineObjectCaching.ReadAllThreshold" value="10" />

Argument added to silent install
From Qlik Sense June 2020 a mandatory argument is added to the silent install of QSEfW and QSD. All silent install command must include the argument 'accepteula (1|0)'. The argument is added to Qlik Sense April 2020 as optional which makes it possible to prepare your script. The EULA can be found here: and the documentation of silent install: 

Qlik Sense April 2020
Backup recommendations
It is important that you make a backup of the site before upgrading, to be able to recover the site if the upgrade fails.

Qlik Sense February 2020
Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 operating systems
From Qlik Sense February 2020 and forward, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 are not supported operating systems.

Updated NodeJS version - recreating the Qlik Sense root CA certificate
The February 2020 version of Qlik Sense updates the version of NodeJS to a currently supported version and addresses several security vulnerabilities announced by the NodeJS project. Unfortunately, this requires recreating the root CA certificate generated with versions of Qlik Sense prior to the June 2019 release.
This procedure has been automated as much as possible and is included in the installer, but depending on the deployment, additional manual steps might be required. Please make sure to follow the upgrading instructions in the help: 
For silent upgrades, refer to the following help topic:

You will also have to replace Qlik Sense root certificate with the newly created one in the following cases:
 - Your Qlik Sense deployment is connected with Qlik NPrinting, Qlik multi-cloud setups, or any other external tools or configurations.
 - You have configured QlikView Distribution Service for distribution of links to QlikView documents to the Qlik Sense hub.

Enabling Natural Language Processing
This release of Qlik Sense includes the ability to ask natural language questions in the Insights providing the same functionality seen on cloud editions of Qlik Sense since September 2019. The functionality is enabled by default for new installations of Qlik Sense, however, for upgraded environments this will be installed but switched off.
Customers wanting to enable this functionality can do so by executing the following steps on every node in the Qlik Sense cluster:
1. Navigate to "C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\CapabilityService" (or corresponding non-default location):
2. Edit the "capabilities.json" file.
3. Add the following flags. Make sure to separate them with comma (,) and enclose within the existing rectangular brackets ([ ]):




4. Navigate to "C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\ServiceDispatcher" (or corresponding non-default location):
5. Edit the "services.conf" file.
6. Add "Disabled=false" under [nl-parser] and [nl-broker] sections.
7. Restart all the Qlik Sense services.
Note: Qlik Sense Desktop is not affected and the natural language functionality is enabled for both new installations and upgrades.

Qlik Sense November 2019
New load balancing scheme
Qlik Sense November 2019 introduces a new load balancing scheme. In previous versions of Qlik Sense, the algorithm always chose the load-balancing node with the lowest CPU load. The CPU load of all nodes was updated every 5 seconds, which might have resulted in consecutive reloads being distributed to the same node. To improve the handling of frequent consecutive reloads, the algorithm has been changed to select the node with the lower number of running tasks per "Max concurrent reloads" setting, tracking this value on the scheduler master node.
This improvement is enabled by default. If you wish to disable it, do the following:
• Open the Scheduler.exe.config, which by default is located in: "C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Scheduler\Scheduler.exe.config"
• Set "DisableLegacyLoadBalancingBehavior" setting to false
• Restart Qlik Sense Scheduler Service
• Repeat these actions on each node of the cluster running the Qlik Sense Scheduler Service

Handle "invalid cookie bursts" in the Qlik Sense Proxy (QPS) Service
When a multiple cookie request arrives to the Qlik Sense Proxy Service for the same user and authentication method within a small-time frame, QPS reuses the session from the first request. This behavior avoids the creation of additional sessions, and therefore prevents reaching the maximum number of allowed sessions, which would result in temporary lock of that user. See the “Managing a Qlik Sense site” section of "Known issues and limitations" for a known limitation of this change. This improvement is available in all patches listed below with the default value of 2 seconds provided corresponding setting is enabled. If you wish to enable and configure or disable it, do the following:
• Open the Proxy.exe.config, which by default is located in: "C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Proxy" • To enable and configure add the string <add key="InvalidSessionRequestBurstLimit" value="00:00:02"/> in the section <appSettings> with the desired value greater than 0 • To disable without removing the flag add the string <add key="InvalidSessionRequestBurstLimit" value="00:00:00"/> in the section <appSettings> with the value of 0. QPS will fall back to previous behavior with one difference – before it would initially overwrite the existing cookie with an empty one in the first request (Set-Cookie: X-Qlik-Session=), now Set-Cookie header will not be included.
• Restart Qlik Sense Proxy Service
• Repeat these actions on each node of the cluster running the Qlik Sense Proxy Service

License service must be active during startup of the Qlik Sense Repository service
From Sense April 2019, the Qlik Sense Repository service (QRS) contacts the Qlik License Service during startup phase. This means that during start-up of the QRS, the Qlik Sense Service Dispatcher (QSD), which manages the Qlik License Service, must be running, so that the Qlik License Service can be reached by the QRS. When executing repository.exe -bootstrap (also with additional parameters), if the QSD is not running the bootstrap does not fully complete and the System_Repository logs register the following error:
83 20190507T152440.101+0200 WARN rd-AMW-2016-03 System.Repository.Repository.Core.Licensing.LicensesInitializer 6 83b132fa-fa98-44e4-9f86-338be262a014 RDLUND\svc-silver There was an error contacting the license service. Keep retrying... (1 failed requests) GET /v1/licenses/overview
StatusCode: InternalServerError Response: . Could not connect to the license service. NO-STACKTRACE 83b132fa-fa98-44e4-9f86-338be262a014

‘Version’ column for apps in QMC and migration of apps created with Sense 3.1 or earlier
With Qlik Sense November 2019 and later releases, in the Apps menu of the Qlik Management Console (QMC), the 'Migration status' column has been replaced with 'Version'. This new field shows the version of the engine used last time the app was saved. Apps created with Sense 3.1.6 or earlier versions will be highlighted with a red 'Migration needed' string, which signifies that the app must be manually migrated via the QMC. Apps created with Sense 3.2 or a later version show the last saved version and do not require manual migration. This is because apps created with Sense 3.2 or a later version are automatically migrated by the client once opened and saved. Once an app is saved and migrated, the value in the 'Version' column is updated accordingly.

Change of log level QIX Engine API error codes
When a QIX Engine API call fails, an error code is returned and a message is logged to the Engine Service log. In previous versions of Qlik Sense, the log level of this message was always ERROR, even when, for example, the API client supplied invalid parameters or requested a resource that does not exist.
With Qlik Sense November 2019, client errors are now logged to the Engine Service log at WARN level. Sample log messages are:
Command=Doc::GetFieldDescription;Result=8;ResultText=Warning: Invalid parameters
Command=Delete app;Result=404;ResultText=Warning: Not Found
Command=Duplicate app;Result=9003;ResultText=Warning: Resource not found
The same message is logged to the Engine Audit log.

Qlik Sense September 2019
Setting a sheet as the app landing page
With Qlik Sense September 2019, you can select a sheet to be the landing page of your app by setting a default bookmark. If in a app you had previously configured the setting “Set selections as app default”, the document will now open on the sheet where you have applied the setting instead of opening on the sheet overview. To change this behavior, do the following:
1. Open the app where the “Set selections as app default” setting is applied.
2. Go to the sheet you want to use as the app’s landing page.
3. Open the Bookmarks
4. Create a new bookmark
5. Right click on the newly created bookmark
6. Choose 'Set as default bookmark'
7. Repeat this procedure for all apps where the “Set selections as app default” setting is applied.
For more information on this feature, see the documentation page Setting a default bookmark to create an app landing page.

Qlik Sense June 2019
Change of default theme for Single Integration and capability API
With Qlik Sense June 2019 or later releases, the theme for current selection for Single Integration and capability APIs is set to bright by default. Specifically, this change impacts the 'CurrentSelections' string for getObject, and currsel for Single Integration API.

Qlik Sense February 2019
New product activation method using the License Service component for Qlik Sense February 2019 and later
In Qlik Sense February 2019 or later, a new License Service component is delivered together with Qlik Sense. This service is used when the signed keys are used for product activations. The License Service will connect to a License Backend Service, hosted by Qlik, for product activations and Entitlement Management. This activation process is required for Multi Cloud deployments using Qlik Sense Enterprise on Kubernetes or Qlik Sense Enterprise on Cloud Services as deployment methods. The new activation process is currently optional for Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows. The use of this activation process is also required if you want to use the new Qlik Sense Analyzer Capacity license introduced with Qlik Sense February 2019. The Qlik Sense Master node needs access to an internet connection. Port 443 is used for accessing the end-point at and retrieving license information.
You can continue using the standard key with a serial and a control number product activation instead of the signed key method. However, to keep using the standard key activation method you must run Qlik Sense November 2018 in your Multi-Cloud installation.

Qlik Sense June 2018
Upgrade may fail if services are in Disabled state
If a service is in the Disabled state prior to an upgrade, it may lead to the service not being completely uninstalled, and a subsequent failure to install the new version of the service. The rollback of the service upgrade will also fail, which means that the service is not available anymore, and cannot be repaired.
The most likely cause of this problem is that other processes are scanning the state of the service during uninstall or upgrade, hence preventing it from becoming completely uninstalled. Examples of such processes are Process Explorer and the built-in Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services snap-in. This bug in Windows is documented here:
To minimize the risk of this occurring, do the following in order, before upgrading:
1. Stop all Qlik Sense services manually.
2. Verify that no service is in the Disabled state. This can be done by the Services snap-in, or another program that polls service state.
3. Ensure that all service state polling applications are closed, including applications you used in step 2. Setting all Qlik Sense services to Manual start, and then restarting the system is the most reliable way of making sure that all service state polling applications are closed.

System requirements notes

Please refer to the online help for information about the requirements for Qlik Sense:
System requirements for Qlik Sense

Additional notes:
• On a machine with a server operating system, it is only possible to install Qlik Sense (server), not Qlik Sense Desktop.
• Qlik will deprecate the support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 in May 2021.
• Widget support is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 support ended
From Qlik Sense February 2020 and forward, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 are not supported operating systems.


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