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Support full range of HTTP methods (PUT, DELETE, UPDATE etc) in REST connector

Partner Ambassador
Partner Ambassador

Support full range of HTTP methods (PUT, DELETE, UPDATE etc) in REST connector

As of Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows September 2020, only GET and POST methods are supported in the REST connector. 
That's limiting when using REST APIs out there, to say the least.

It should be possible to do a DELETE call to a REST API when needed, or a PUT or a DELETE or... you get the point. 
Without these methods it's hard or impossible to create QSEoW-driven integrations with other systems.

I know, there's a possible workaround via using a http header "X-HTTP-Method-Override" to convince the API to use a specific http method, even if the call is coming in as a POST. 
That's very much a hack though, and lots of REST APIs don't support that http header.

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Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

I absolutely agree. 

Having native Qlik Rest connector supporting all methods (GET, POST, PATCH, PUT DELETE..) would allow for cleaner solutions to be built. One example: 

  • I could have Qlik Sense app which reads all required settings from spreadsheet and creates for me using Repository API everything what I currently need to create in QMC being Streams, Security Rules, Custom rules etc... I know that to create most of those I only need POST method but then I am unable to update anything as PUT method is missing.
  • I could have scripts cleaning shared content library 
  • I could have script updating apps (app descriptions coming from external sources and not hardcoded)

This could open a much wider doors for framework using just a built in tools like Qlik Sense script and nothing more.





Thank you for your feedback on further improvement in this connector. While this is something clearly useful, this is not in the short-term roadmap. Please show your support for this idea by clicking on the "like" button.

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Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

Thanks for an update @P-O_Davidson 

That is really bad news. Since Qlik Sense APIs dont support  "X-HTTP-Method-Override" header we will not be able to use Qlik scripts to automate things which currently need to be done manually. This also means that a lot of automation which can be done purely with out of the box Qlik Sense setup and familiar to every Qlik developer qlik load scripts cannot be achieved in the future.

In my opinion it is a very poor design: provide us with a product which you can automate with APIs, but product itself cannot be used for that automation - awkward, isn't it?

Now imagine situation where you go to client and you speak to the client who asks:

  • can we use "API" to change properties in Qlik Sense repository?
    • your answer: yes, sure - there is Rest API support
  • ohh.... so we can use rest connector to do that?
    • our answer:  no, sorry - rest connector in Qlik Sense is very limited and only supports 40% of  restfull methods (GET and POST only)
  • awkward silence

Someone up there at Qlik should realy reconsider (either allow for "X-HTTP-Method-Override" is Qlik APIs or develop rest connector to support remaining methods)

Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

Much needed! I totally agree with @Lech_Miszkiewicz comments about the "client situation".

The fact that f.ex. QRS API does not accept X-HTTP-Method-Override is just ..... (so .... that I just created an idea -

Im aware that there are far better tools to use when you want to "talk" to QRS (and any other API) but the Qlik world is still full of qlik developers and not node/python developers.


Partner Ambassador
Partner Ambassador

Just to note that DELETE, PUT, PATCH and FILE (as well as GET and POST) are available in the (now-free) Qlik Web Connectors. I know it's not built-in but at least it's a supported way of doing it in a Qlik-provided product... 

Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

good news @AlexOmetis ,

I may test and see if it can be uselful with Qlik Repository API...

Partner - Specialist II
Partner - Specialist II


I just wanted to bulk rename taks with script... Damien from support gave me a nice example of a powershell script using the QRS Api but since the method was "Put", I cannot translated it in Qlik Sense script.

Very, very frustrating.

Best regards,



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