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Hello Qlik Sense users,
We are pleased to announce that our latest offering, Qlik Sense September 2019, is available on our download site.  This is an exciting release for Qlik that continues to set us apart!  September 2019 offers a wide range of new capabilities such as:
  • The Launch of Qlik Sense Business - our new SaaS product, designed to empower groups and teams to operationalize analytics and make data driven decisions
  • Natural Language Analytics - full NLP (natural language processing) capabilities in the Qlik Cognitive Engine, supporting natural language search in Insight Advisor and other areas of Qlik Sense
  • Our newest product Qlik Data Catalyst for QVDs – a streamlined offering of Qlik Data Catalyst that is specifically focused on making QVD files easier to discover, understand and consume.
In addition , we've also made a number of improvements around advanced authoring, visualizations and mobile support, to name a few.  To learn more about what this release has to offer, please be sure to visit our Qlik Product Innovation Blog.  For additional details, including product defect fixes, please review the release notes here.

As always when upgrading any software, make sure that you backup your system and applications before doing any installation and follow upgrading best practices. Thank you for choosing Qlik software.
Kind regards,
Global Support Team
Creator III
Creator III

Mmm ... QS... Again ... Maybe here they will give a clear answer whether you plan to develop QV or it’s already a dinosaur and you don’t have to pay for support because it makes no sense?

Our company is just annoying. We pay money for nothing, no development. All new in QS, QS, QS ... We just want to have an understanding of what is happening and simply will not pay.

We are not going to switch to QS, this is not discussed, thank.


Like it has been for the last years, all features in Sense.
QlikView is maintained and only development is regarding management of larger installations.


Thank you for taking the time to comment. QlikView is our classic or 2nd generation BI solution and it plays an important part in Qlik's portfolio. We are committed to additional investment to ensure it continues to meet the expanding requirements for scalability that global organizations require. We look forward to adding more QlikView capabilities to our Qlik multi-cloud hub, supporting QlikView and Qlik Sense co-existence.

Traditionally, we've had a single QlikView release per year, in November. This year, we released QlikView April 2019 and plan to have a November 2019 release as well. Going forward, you can expect to see a synchronized approach to QlikView and Qlik Sense releases, and we will offer patching for each QlikView upgrade, as opposed to a full install. We recommend you join the Qlik Insider webinar in November for the release updates. And, please keep an eye on the Product Innovation Blog for the latest product news.

Contributor II
Contributor II

Great to hear that Qlik is still invested in Qlikview as well. Most of that seems to be on the back-end of the tool. Could you tell us about the  plans regarding the front-end? It's been a while since we have gotten new bells and whistles on that side to work with. 


Important issue which has not been well-clarified in the notes:

When opening an app, it is no longer possible to land on the App Overview screen if a default bookmark is applied.

Quite disappointing and a roadblock to installing September 2019 as far as I'm concerned since it's a major behavior change. Hopefully this will be addressed in a patch - it's as simple as allowing bookmark creation from the App Overview (in which case you would always return to that).

Hi Or, It appears you have the choice to use a bookmark or default landing sheet. Setting a default bookmark to create an app landing page You can select a sheet to be the landing page of your app by setting a default bookmark. When you open the app, the layout state and the selection state of the default bookmark are used. If you do not set a default bookmark, the app overview is displayed when the app is opened.