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So now you know what Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is and who it is mandatory for. If you need a refresher, please see the post from earlier this month.

Today we’re going to discuss how to setup MFA, what to do if you run into an issue, how to reset MFA, and how to use the recovery code.


How to Setup MFA

Setting up Multi-Factor Authentication is easy and the detailed steps (with helpful screenshots) can be found here (kb 88816). In summary you’ll login to My Qlik, navigate to the Password & Security section, then select Setup under Multi-Factor Authentication. Next, download a supported authentication app to your mobile device and scan the QR code. You’ll see a ‘Successful!’ message, DO NOT simply click continue.

First copy your recovery code and then save it somewhere. More on the recovery code later.

If you were able to follow the steps above, your MFA should be setup correctly. What does correct setup look like? Well, when you login to the QSB tenant or My Qlik, after typing in your username + password, you will be prompted to type in a 6 digit code. To get a current 6 digit code, simply open your authentication app and you will see a fresh code available. If the code is about to expire, simply wait a few seconds and a new code will show.


What to do if there’s an issue

What if the 6 digit code doesn’t work? What if I switch phones and lose access to my MFA app? In both of these instances, you will need to reset your MFA. To do so, please contact Customer Support by creating a case in the Support Portal. Make sure to provide the necessary information (kb 94337), so your MFA account can be found.

If you are facing any other MFA related issues, please contact Customer Support for further assistance by creating a case in the Support Portal.


How to reset MFA

So my MFA was reset by the Customer Support team, what’s next? Once your MFA has been reset, all you need to do is clear cache and refresh your browser, then login to the QSB tenant or My Qlik. You’ll be prompted with a fresh QR code, so you can follow the steps to setup the MFA again.


How to use the recovery code

The recovery code is a one time use code. If you are away from the device that has your MFA app and cannot access the 6 digit code, you can sign in using the recovery code. You can only use the recovery code one time. After it has been used, you should see another ‘Successful!’ message with a fresh recovery code. Make sure to save this new recovery code for the future.


Thank you for reading and I hope this helps! Please give this post a like if you found it helpful.


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How does MFA work in qlik sense App?


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Community Manager
Community Manager

@Vivetha MFA adds extra security for logging into the Qlik Sense Business tenant. It is not an app level security. Please let me know if you have any other questions.