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Digital Support

The Access Evaluator is a comprehensive dashboard to analyze user roles, access, and permissions across a Qlik Sense tenant.

Hello Qlik Users! 

We would like to introduce our fourth monitoring app for Qlik Cloud, the Access Evaluator! The Access Evaluator is a comprehensive dashboard to analyze user roles, access, and permissions across a Qlik Sense tenant. As a Qlik Cloud tenant becomes densely populated with spaces, apps, users, and groups, it is crucial to be able to quickly answer questions such as:

  • “What users and groups have access to space <X>?” 
  • “What users and groups have access to app <X>?”
  • “How does a user have access to app <X>; via direct assignment, group, or app share?”
  • “Are there redundancies in policies? E.g., does a user have the same access to a space via a direct assignment as well as a group?”
  • “Who has what roles across the tenant?”



The Access Evaluator app provides insights on: 

  • User and group access to spaces
  • User, group, and share access to apps
  • User roles and associated role permissions
  • Group assignments to roles
  • And more! 


(Available Sheets)


The Access Evaluator uses Qlik’s RESTful APIs to fetch all the required data from the tenant.

Items to note: 

  • This app evaluates what a user and/or group has the potential to access, not what they have accessed. As such, it cannot be used to audit user activity. It simply evaluates the current access policies in the tenant.
  • This app is provided as-is and is not supported by Qlik Support.
  • This app leverages several experimental API endpoints.
  • It is recommended to always use the latest app.
  • Information is not collected by Qlik when using this app.


The app as well as the configuration guide can be found at the bottom of this post. This app was created internally and will be supported by the developers of the app. They will be following this thread so be sure to post any questions or issues here so they can be addressed. 

The other three monitoring apps for Qlik Cloud can be found here:

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App Version Change log:

Version 1.0.0 -  Initial release


Kind regards, 

Qlik Digital Support Team