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The Support Updates blog delivers important and useful Qlik Support information about end-of-product support, new service releases, and general support topics.

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Did you know the QCC, Qlik Continuous Classroom, offers self-service learning, 24/7? Choose what, how, and when you want to learn with material for all skill levels.  The QCC offers webinars, instructor-led trainings, online courses, and certifications.


Want to grow your knowledge but don’t know where to start? Select the Content Library in the QCC for suggested topics like Free Courses, Business Analyst, Data Literacy Courses, and more. The Course Calendar is a great place to find global, course, group, and user events.


Anatomy of a Learning Module

Learning is organized into 'modules' which may be completed within a single sitting, allowing you to choose the best time to focus your attention on a particular topic. Each module has seven components:

  • Interactive video
    • A mix of slides and demonstrations where you should follow along using example files
  • Example files
    • Download the files which will be used for the video demonstrations and exercises
  • Self-paced practice
    • Instructions are provided so that you can use example files to complete the exercise
  • Takeaway document
    • Important notes from the video presentation
  • Test yourself
    • Complete a 5-question quiz
  • Version information
    • Shows which version the module was built on and provides links to previous versions
  • Get answers
    • Your link to forums and office hours (available with subscription)


Are you a Qlik expert and want to go beyond the QCC courses? You can earn a qualification!

After learning from the many courses in the Continuous Classroom or taking an associated instructor-led training course, consider earning a Qlik Sense Qualification (certificate and digital badge) to prove your fundamental skills and knowledge of Qlik Sense.

These Qualifications are earned after building a Qilk Sense application and completing an exam which tests your fundamental and applied knowledge. This is available with a paid subscription, instructor-led training course purchase, or as a member of the Academic Program.


What's the difference between a Qualification Exam and a Qlik Certification?

  • Qualification Exams are fundamental-level exams taken within the Qlik Continuous Classroom. Qualification Exams are offered for Qlik Sense Business Analysts and Data Architects only. They are included in a paid subscription to the Qlik Continuous Classroom, or by attending one of our associated instructor-led training classes. The content in these aforementioned resources is sufficient to pass the Qualification Exams.
  • Qlik Certification Exams are designed for experienced Qlik experts. The QlikView and Qlik Sense Certification Exams are expert-level exams for Business Analysts, Data Architects, and System Administrators. These exams cost $250 USD each and are delivered by Pearson VUE. Training, plus hands-on experience in several production environments is needed to pass the Qlik Certification Exams. Qlik Certification Exams are a requirement of the Qlik Partner Program for most partner types.


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