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Digital Support

Analyzer capacity license is a consumption-based licensing model introduced in Qlik Sense February 2019 which allows a pool of user to consume apps by unit of time (unit is 6 minutes) without the need of having a license assigned to a user (named user).

When a user from the pool logs in the hub and opens an app he/she will consume 1 unit after 6 minutes and extra unit will be consumed thereafter in increments. For example: If the user stays in for 15 minutes, 3 units will be consumed (18 minutes) as a unit started is marked as a unit consumed.
No consumption is registered if the user is logged in but idle (not opening apps, sheets,...).

When all analyzer units have been consumed, no users from the pool can access Qlik Sense, until the monthly reset occurs. To avoid lockout, coverage can be added to the subscription. Coverage is a function that allows to buy minutes packages automatically when consumed, it can either be unlimited or with a defined ceiling. For more information see Page 2 under License Metrics Qlik Sense and Qlik Analytics Platform.

Here is an example of license with 1000 minutes of Analyzer Capacity: More information under Analyzer Capacity License 



Here is an example in Qlik Sense Enterprise on Cloud Services (QSEoCS): Some documentation is available under "Analyzer capacity (minutes)" in License / User Allocation



An access to the Internet is required to use this type of license.
You must have a Signed License Key (SLK) to replace the serial number (old license). More information under Licensing Qlik Sense for Analyzer Capacity

Differences between licensing types:




Analyzer capacity license and comparison with other licenses allocations and how to check usage 


Hi @Carl_Hunter  I wanted to give you and the group an update on where we are. The development work already started but it requires a bit more time than initially planned. Timing wise we are currently expecting this to be delivered around May. I can be more concrete while we are coming closer to the release. I will keep you and the group up to date as soon as we have a status we can share with you and ideally providing a preview. Best regards, Thomas


Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

Thanks for the update @Thomas_Hopp 👍


just adding a statement to the thread here (which I posted to another thread as well).

We are still on track for May and what we are planning to deliver is a new set of API's which will allow you to gather all the data needed to answer all these questions about who is using Analyzer Capacity and which Apps, etc. And at the same time where we are planning to deliver this via the API's, we are working on an App to expose this data. Later on we do have it planned to include this more into the natural user experience of an admin, which would mean more embedded into the product.

I'll keep you guys updated about the status.

Best regards,



I am really disappointed with the Capacity license. The fact of not knowing how much the user consumes does not allow us to manage and scale it. I requested more packages of minutes for 2 months until Qlik is delivered the monitoring that was expected but only annual purchases are allowed. Unfortunately it was not the type of behavior that I expected from Qlik for a license sold without the minimum resources necessary for its management.



That's great to hear that we may be getting some better visibility of who is using what on SaaS soon - this is desperately needed information.

The part of the puzzle that was most concerning for me with regards to monitoring on SaaS was not being able to tell how the analyzer capacity usage was stacking up against available minutes. The management console shows usage against total, but you then have to work out yourself how that sits against expectations for the time of the month. Also, you have to keep going and checking, and we needed something that would alert us.

As a stop-gap to more being provided by Qlik, I have put together a simple application for checking this, and sending an email when usage exceeds the run-rate of minutes for the time of month.

The app can be downloaded from here:

And a full tutorial on how it has been put together is here:

Finally, a quick word of warning on capacity licencing. I noticed that if a analyzer capacity user adds a chart to their hub from within an app, every time that app refreshes a six minute slice is consumed as the charts on the hub are refreshed. Surely this can not be correct functionality, @Thomas_Hopp ?

Hope people find this useful.


Sorry to ask but I didn´t understand this point of the tutorial:
"Now we need to connect to the REST connection. This will check your
placeholder is present, but do nothing else at this point:

// Connect to the REST connectorLIB CONNECT TO 'GenericGET';

Note that if you have created your REST connection in a managed space, you
will want to prefix the name with the space name, e.g.

*Could you please explain better how to do this?Do I have to create the
rest connection in my own space?I am a developer with a professional
licence.ThanksAmbrosio Cadena*