Qlik Sense services stop start batch files v2.1.1 onwards (including June 2017)

    I have attached a very simple set of batch files that I regularly use to manage Qlik Sense Server instances (v2.1.1 through to v3.1 to date), I typically place these files on the desktop of the Qlik Sense Server box.


    They are useful when you are required to stop and restart the services, such as upgrades and for other maintenance tasks. Personally I find stopping each task individually a little time consuming so the attached batch files allow you stop all services and start all services with just two clicks (the additional click as you need to run them as the administrator). These Qlik Sense batch files will work on version v2.1.1 onwards (including June 2017) and can easily be updated as new services come online in future releases.


    Note: make sure you right click on the batch file to 'run as administrator' in order for it to function correctly and start the services.


    For a QlikView version of these files click here.