Navigating Charts with Variable Buttons - QlikSense

    QlikSense variable have limitations and not quiet flexible as QlikView but we can use the variable in a robust way with  little tweaks and tricks. For example, the below variable declaration can be used in charts with buttons.


    Create an Inline Load with the name of the fields as text





    1, Division

    2, Company



    Create an expression in the Variable as follows

    vDivision = If(Value=1,Division,If(Value=2,Company)) (Attached Screen Short for reference)

    Use the Navigation Buttons from QlikSense branch to declare the Filedname_v, Please follow below link to download from Qlik Branch

    Sheet Navigation and Action Button: Qlik Branch


    Turn on the Actions before navigating and select Value in Field from the First Action  drop down menu


    Declare the Field value to FieldName_v and Value to ='Company' ; Label the value to Company in the Layout (Attached Screen Short for reference)


    Please refer the same for creating Division Button.


    Drag and drop the chart required and include the below expression in the Dimensions label



    Dimension Label:


    Null() is defined here for example purpose.

    Include the measure label as required, we are taking Net Premium in our example

    Measure Label:

    =Sum([Net Premium])

    Now, we can drive the dashboard based on the button selection. The chart responds based on the button selection.

    I have attached a sample application, Hope it helps.