-Prj Folder in QlikView

    Creating a prj folder:


    1. Create a folder with same name as that of QVW application

    2. Add a suffix to the name of folder as -prj

       Example if App name is Campaign Dashboard0.5.qvw then folder name should be Campaign Dashboard0.5-prj


    3. Open the Application and save the application


    4. Layout of Application will be exported to the folder





    Recover Application from Prj Folder

    1. Create a application and save the application with same name as prj folder

       Example if folder name is: Campaign Dashboard0.5-prj the App name should be Campaign Dashboard0.5.qvw



    2. While Saving the file you get below pop up click on No:


    3. Now close the app and reopen the Application



    4. You will see the Layout of application is recovered

    5. Reload the data you will Recover the Application



    Drawback of Recovering the App using prj:

    1. Data is not recovered only script is recovered.

    2. if you have a list box with Always one selected value then this selection is lost

        In above Language conversion is a good example of this so, you can see that the labels are missing after recovering.


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