Technical Thursday - On Demand Application Generation Resources

    To say that people are confused about the term ODAG is an understatement. Just what it is On Demand Application Generation anyway and how far can you push it?


    That was the focus of our webinar and if you didn't catch it live you can watch it on demand.


    In the webinar I along with Pinar Celen demonstrate how you can use ODAG as a strategy for handling:

    • Big Data - Because let's face it some of you have exabytes of data
    • Live Data - Because sometimes current values are critical
    • Archived Data - Because you may keep historical values separate from current values
    • Mashups - Because just using technology isn't enough you may need to make it more seamless for the masses
    • Governed Data Exploration - We end the webinar by demonstrating a way to create Governed applications on the fly so that your organization can move to Governed Self Service instead of Self Service Anarchy


    This zip file contains the information related to the March 15'th Technical Thursday On Demand Application Generation webinar.


    The webinar refers to a variety of resources including:

    • A document file with links to other resources
    • A zip file which contains the ODAG Mashup example illustrated in the webinar
    • A zip file which contains the Sample Applications illustrated in the webinar